12 Interesting Facts About Iconic Movies Shared By The Filmmakers

The story doesn’t end after we finish a movie. It is relived by fans and filmmakers who continue discussing the various depths of the film and the theories linked to it. During these discussions, scriptwriters, directors, and actors have revealed surprising details that didn’t appear on the screen. These details belong to classic movies and are therefore quite valuable to cinephiles. From Avengers to The Matrix, and The Fifth Element, it’s all there. Find out the 12 interesting facts about iconic movies shared by the filmmakers.

 1. Cast Away

Tom Hanks’ ‘Cast Away’ had moved everyone with the intense plot and his performance. On being stranded on the island for four years, Chuck had opened almost all the FedEx packages that he was supposed to deliver. However, there was one package with a print of angel wings that he never opened. He clung to it as a symbol of hope that one day he would deliver it. Tom Hanks’ character did get out of the island and delivered the package but we never learnt what it contained.

Facts About Iconic Movies
Facts About Iconic Movies

Even though it signified the guardian angel that kept him alive, you must be curious to find out its contents. According to the third draft of the script, Chuck had indeed opened the package on his thousandth day and discovered two expired bottles of salsa and a letter from a woman asking her husband to return home.

 2. The Fifth Element

The gross way how the leviathans exited a human body in Supernatural was a part of ‘The Fifth Element’ as well. The black liquid that ran down the foreheads of whoever spoke to The Ultimate Evil was the evil in liquid form. Luc Besson shared that The Ultimate Evil had the power to influence the villainy in humans to leave their body through the skin.

 3. Groundhog Day

The classic movie where the protagonist Phil was reliving his day over and over again had an explanation for this surreal experience. The scriptwriters had thought of adding a dark magic twist to the plot. According to another script, Phil’s former girlfriend had cursed him by stealing some belongings and performing a spell on them. The items included his business card and a broken watch which was stuck at 5:59.

 4. Guardians of the Galaxy

The genius James Gunn made a shocking revelation for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 by claiming that Ego, the Living Planet had emotions. According to him, Peter Quill aka Star Lord’s birth father, who killed his mother by implanting a tumor in her head, was capable of feeling love and heartbreaks. We never saw this side of him because he didn’t allow these emotions to cloud his decisions. This is the reason why Gunn finds him an “interesting character”.

 5. Twilight

The werewolves in the Twilight saga had more serious reasons to be shirtless. They didn’t do it to show off their chiseled abs but for economical purposes. Unlike the vampire families, these werewolves weren’t rich. They couldn’t afford to buy new shirts every time their transformation ripped up the old ones.

 6. Avengers: Age of Ultron

This insight applied not only to ‘Age of Ultron’ but every following movie of MCU where Vision appeared. According to the director, the Russo brothers, the android never wore actual clothes like us. In order to blend in with his team and surroundings, Vision produced his outfits from his body. So, technically, he was always naked.

 7. Zootopia

Facts About Iconic Movies
Facts About Iconic Movies

Ever wondered what the predators in ‘Zootopia’ fed on? The story was based on a world where predators and their prey coexisted. According to the director, Byron Howard, they ate fish, insect protein, and plant.

 8. Pulp Fiction

The famous suitcase in Pulp Fiction was supposed to carry diamonds in the original script. Quentin Tarantino changed it last moment as he had used the diamond concept earlier in ‘Reservoir Dogs’. In order to avoid repetition, they went with the orange light which was improvised on the set.

 9. Wolverine

Watching our favorite Wolverine in a vulnerable state, taking his last breath in Logan was one of the hardest things to do. What made it more painful was his changed form. We saw an unknown side of Wolverine whose heart had finally melted after meeting his daughter. According to director James Mangold, Wolverine was talking about love and not death he said “So this is what it feels like” in his last moments.

 10. Armageddon

Director Michael Bay shared that the sci-fi-action ‘Armageddon’ was based on Harry Stamper’s life. According to him, everything Harry did to prevent the asteroid was only driven by his love for his daughter who was played by Liv Tyler. Harry got married at the age of 18 after he impregnated the woman, and everything he did since then was for his baby girl.

 11. The Matrix

The person who purchased this CD was supposed to approach Neo in the original script for his hacking skills. Moreover, even the most random items from real life are turned into valuables in movies. The software on the CD in the opening scene of ‘The Matrix’ was nothing but a system that produced parking tickets.

 12. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Voicing Rocksteady in the original cartoon version gave some insights and depths about the character to Cam Clarke. He strongly believed that Rocksteady and Bepop shared a romantic bond.

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