Amazing Movies With Awful Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

The initial idea of creating a movie started with the film Roundhay Garden Scene in 1888. The plot behind the whole exercise was to create a moving film that would serve the purpose of communicating ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, etc with the use of moving images. The film industry has expanded since then and has given rise to multiple genres for every movie nut out there. Genre’s ranging from action to comedy, thriller to romance and many more so. The latest change happened in recent times when genres were being intertwined with each other or in simple terms thrown together in a mix like rom-com.

The idea behind a movie is always intriguing and it falls into the hands of the director to commence the final execution of the movie. Many a time the movie may have great credentials like its trailer or over phased marketing gimmicks. It acts as a great build-up for the movie and gets the crowd all ganged up on the concept of the movie releasing and being able to catch its first show. But certain movies implicate a completely different story with the publication of its idea or with the launch of its official trailer. Many a time the prejudice one develops before watching the movie might affect the movie’s box office earnings or the chance of the cast to an award-winning Oscar. But many a time the prejudice one holds against a movie might be proven wrong after watching the movie itself.

21 Jump Street

Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

Cast: – Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum

Director: – Phil Lord & Chris Miller


The story based on a forgotten 80’s television show starring Channing Tatum with a zilch background in comedy movies was expected to be a big failure from the very beginning. The irregular pair up between Jonah Hill & Channing Tatum was not expected to yield promising results and at a certain point looking at the trailer the pair up was already being assumed as a sure shot misfire. The movie was looking like a boat that was sinking on its own.

Rated-R Comedy Movies Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

The actual movie:

But as per everyone’s surprise, the movie turned out to be a lot better than the presumptions being made about it. It turned out to be a lot wittier than everyone’s expectations.

From the top, it just looked like another failed attempt at an undercover sting operation in a college gone wrong. But both Miller’s and Lord’s expert execution of the script and inclusions of humor helped the movie avoid the subverting teen movie trope bubble. The innovative ideas of two professional directors helped the movie rise to the occasion and bring about a masterpiece packed with wits and self-aware humor which seemed to have become a lost art in the accolades of comedy movies that had flooded the industry.

The movie also helped Channing Tatum transform from a lifeless action buff into a protagonist of the story.

John Wick

Cast: – Keanu Reeves

Director: – Chad Stahelski


Keanu Reeves is often referred to as a gloomy actor when it comes to executing roles that may require a bit more in terms of emotions. The choice of taking Keanu Reeves for a retired hitman seemed like a job waiting to get into bad reviews from the start of the venture. The movie was already being considered for a job NOT well done and to get in the lines of another Hitman movie gone bad. (If you’ve seen Hitman the movie you would know what I mean)

Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful
Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

The actual movie:

The movie unfolds where John Wick seems to be suffering from the recent loss of a special someone and the last things gifted by this special someone were the majestic 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle (Almost every American dream muscle car) and a pet dog to keep his mind off of things.

The rest is history as to how the plot in the story unfolds and how John Wick is forced out of retirement and one plot leads to another with action sequences right out of a CIA training camp, the difference this is as real as it gets. From Kevlar encased tailored suits to close range gunfights, John Wick has it all. The person that outshines the most is the plain and simple Keanu Reeves who takes the viewers’ breath away with his awe-inspiring simplicity infused with the lethal and precise kills he makes to reach his final goal.

10 Things I Hate About You

Cast: – Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles

Director: – Gil Junger


A contemporary take at Shakespeare’s romantic novels, set on the grounds of an American high school seemed like a completely blown out effort back in the ’90s. Especially at a time when 90’s comedy teen movies were on a rampage. The movie was also not expected to do well as the reigns for the production of the movie was given to Gil Junger who was a first-time feature film director entering the big picture which somehow did not give a lot of people the confidence in the movie while stepping in the theater hall.

The actual movie:

10 things I hate about you’ took the theatres by storm and broke all the stereotypes that were built up around the late teen movies around that time. The sarcastic character of Stiles and the flamboyant charisma of Heath Ledger helped transform the typical rom-com into a classic for which Heath Ledger is often remembered for.

Heath Ledger also did a song number of the classic song “Can’t take my eyes off you” while trying to woo the woman and in return ended up wooing the audience and bring about smiles and laughter while doing so, proving that teen comedies generally did not need cheap coitus jokes to make the movie funny.


Dark Superhero Movies Like Joker Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful
Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

Cast: – Dane De Haan, Michael B. Jordan

Director: – Josh Trank


The trailer to the movie suggested that it was another teen found footage film showcasing the origin of another teen superhero movie and another movie in the long line of footage movies.Back in 2012, the movies like the Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield, and many more found footage films had filled up the portfolio and how a constant line of these films had killed the essence of the found footage filmmaking. Even though it was showcased as a superhero origin story audiences had already classified it as a regular found footage film to come in the long line of movies the audience had already seen before.

The actual movie:

The movie still consisted of several issues that might have cursed it as another found footage movie. But, the storyline was so capturing and intriguing that it kept the audience captivated from the beginning to the end.

The cast of the movie Dane De Haan, Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell & Anna Wood kept the audience captured with their performances and enticing the audience with their roles in the movie as the film progressed. It would not have mattered as to how the movie was filmed as it would still have been great because of the storyline and line of the actors in the movie. Chronicle is majorly focused on how the three young teenagers get access to their newfound power and how from finding the potential of these powers to them landing into trouble because of these powers.

The Lobster

Cast: – Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz

Director: – Yorgos Lanthimos


The idea of lobster was so ridiculous that it was questioned by almost everyone as to how can someone be paid to make a film like this. The story revolves around a man’s life who has planned a visit to a hotel wherein 45 days if the character of the movie is unable to find a partner they would turn into an animal. The most ironic part of the movie is that you get to choose the kind of animal you wish to transform into if you are unable to find a mate for yourself. The very idea of the story had baffled people across the globe and was rumored to be a massive fail.

Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful
Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

The actual movie:

The movie turned out to be surprisingly the year’s most original film that captures love in the 21st century. The movie is a great take on dark love stories that cunningly ascertains dating and social paradigms all draped up with an eccentric sense of humor. Another great thing about the movie was that it did not just focus on one particular idea or notion, rather showed the pros and cons of both being in a relationship and living off by yourself. The pinch of comedy turns this weird movie into a drama-comedy that is kept as simple as it can be.


Cast: – Ryan Reynolds

Director: – Rodrigo Cortes


There have been several contained thrillers that have graced the movie halls, some of them a bull’s eye and some of them often missing their mark. But with “Buried” it was envisioned to go a completely different direction. The movie was envisioned to be a failure due to the main reason for trying to understand how can a 90-minute long movie be shot from inside a coffin without losing the attention of the audience. Also, another fact that Ryan Reynolds was seen as more of a comedy actor rather than a deeply emotional drama character.

The actual movie:

The key to a great movie is the proper use of props and in Buried, with the director limited with only a few it is probably the best innovatively short film that you’ll ever watch. The director makes use of every camera angle in the book to get Ryan’s every emotion which is perfectly showcased by Ryan for someone who is trapped in a coffin with a limited number of things. The artsy of both the actor and the director are visible in the movie as it keeps a tight grasp on the audience until the movie gets over.

Swiss Army Man

Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful
Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

Cast: – Daniel Radcliffe, Paul Dano

Director: – Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert


The movie pans out between Dano who is a stranded survivor and Daniel who seems to be a flatulent half corpse. The idea behind the story is a little numbing with Daniel being toyed around the movie as a half-dead flatulent utility tool being used by Dano to survive on the island. The name “Swiss Army Man (knife)”

The actual movie:

The audience might laugh at the flatulent Daniel for quite some time, also the way the director has crafted the movie around the scene which depicts the basic learnings of life. “Swiss Army Man” is a social construct of things that we while growing up often encounter like having a crush on someone and not being able to tell them, being afraid of being yourself which the farting represents ironically. Swiss Army Man is a jab at the social dilemmas and why it is important to be yourself.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl

War-Ships in Pirates of The Caribbean Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful
Movies With Prejudice Yet They Were Successful

Cast: – Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom

Director: – Gore Verbinski


The movie itself draws inspiration from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean theme park, thus the idea failed to trigger any kind of spark in the minds of the audience.

The background set in the backwaters of the Caribbean was giving the notion that it would yet be another flick like ‘Waterworld’ or  ‘Cutthroat Island’. The prejudice of the movie was as bad as it could get.

johnny depp movies

The Actual Movie:

The movie turned out to be a spectacular spell over the audience by director Gore Verbinski. From the start of the movie to where an infamous pirate is caught to the time the tables are turned, the movie is an enticing piece of work and the first of the many more sequels to be lined up in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The CGI effects are a treat to the eyes and keep the audience enthralled and engrossed in the story. It is one of those movies which you assumed will not be a good watch, but turns the tables on you and changes your perspective about the idea employed in the movie.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

jumanji welcome to the jungle

Cast: – Dwayne Rock Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart

Director: – Jake Kasdan


Well, this was one movie all the 90’s kids will remember back in 1995 when Robin Williams and director Joe Johnston came out with the original idea, the comeback starting The Rock, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart was expected to maybe ruin the childhood classic of the 90’s kid in us. The movie with 4 different linear casts was looking to go in a tailspin with each of them with their unique kind of acting skill, looked like 2017’s biggest losses.

Jumanji Full Movie

The actual movie:

Surprisingly the movie can pick up from its earlier predecessor and builds up a storyline in tune with the current generation. The comedy traits of Jack Black and Kevin Hart make the movie extremely entertaining and the action sequences of The Rock do not miss hitting their mark. The movie often gives a great reference to the 1995 version of the movie without delving in too deep and at the same time providing an adaptive take on the remake with a very similar storyline.

The Lego Movie

Cast: – Will Arnett, Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks

Director: – Chris Miller, Phil Lord


To start this movie gave off the feel of a movie about Legos (children play toy) and a marketing gimmick to well market Legos. The idea behind the movie was raising questions as to how can a storyline be included in a movie about Legos and how relevant will it even be.

The actual movie:

The movie turned out to be a crowd winner from children who could enjoy the visual intricacy of the movie to the adults who could humor on some of the social dilemmas with a pinch of witty sarcasm added to it. The movie was an eye-opener about the importance of family and the importance of inclusiveness in one’s life. The cocktail of different voice overs by different actors makes the movie equally amusing to one’s hearing senses. The movie’s theme song “Everything is awesome” is a perfect match title for the movie.

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