Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

Characters have a lot of depth than what appears on the screen. We are well aware of the backstories of leading heroes that are mostly filled with tragedies and losses. There are other characters too with intriguing past but they often get overshadowed by the hero’s spotlight. We have attempted to touch upon some backstories that shocked us from the bones. These characters are not necessarily villains or anti-heroes. They also include supporting characters and comedic relief with a horrifying origin. We don’t know why the creators had to jump to such a dark origin story of famous characters that give us goosebumps.

 1. Coma the Doof Warrior in Mad Max Fury Road

Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

Coma-Doof Warrior was the freaky guitarist who played flame-throwing guitar on his wagon. He was wilder and eerier than his appearance. Coma-Doof was found in a cave beside the severed head of his dead mother. Later, he decided to keep his mother close to him by wearing her skin over his face.

 2. Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four

Silver Surfer experienced the meaning of losing a loved one when he was a kid back in his home planet, Zenn-La. As we know, this hero on earth belonged to a utopian planet called Zenn-La. He was a kid when his mother took her life as she couldn’t bear the ideal life on the planet. A few years later, an accusation of plagiarism led his father to kill himself.

 3. Furiosa in Mad Max Fury Road

Supporting Characters Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Furiosa was abducted from Green Place and sold to Immortal Joe to marry him and give birth to his offsprings. She was thrown away by Joe after her infertility was discovered and landed up with the War Pup. Furiosa hid amongst them for a long time until she became a combat warrior like them.

 4. Princess Fiona in Shrek

Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

Shrek was meant to be a satire for fairy tales and it managed to hit at the right points. However, one can’t stop thinking about Princess Fiona’s life which was way worse than Shrek’s isolation. She was kidnapped on Christmas eve at the age of seven and spent the next 20 years in captivity all alone inside an abandoned castle.

 5. Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy

Avengers: Endgame Clip Infinity Stones

Remember Rocket’s shocking comment about experiments on animals? Comic books readers are aware of what he meant by it. The ruthless Raccoon had a dark and creepy past that the comedy superhero film hasn’t thrown light upon yet. He used to be a companion animal for mentally-disturbed patients on a planet of asylum. But when the alien humanoids and the robots decided to abandon the asylum, they conducted dreadful experiments on these animals and enhanced their abilities so they could monitor the planet.

 6. Goku in Dragon Ball

Unlike other characters, Goku wrote his ill fate with his own hands. Goku’s grandfather was the only family he ever had. But one day he accidentally killed his grandpa when he was a little boy, thus leaving himself all alone.

 7. Remus Lupin in Harry Potter

The beloved professor of Dark Arts at Hogwarts had another secret apart from his Animagus curse. Lupin was born as a wizard and he was never a werewolf from the beginning. He was attacked and bitten by Fenrir Greyback at the age of four.

 8. Frank Rossitano in 30 Rock

Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters
Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

Frank was one of the most entertaining parts of the sitcom for his inner child attributes. The man-child elements were supposed to be a source of comedy in a sitcom and it did serve its purpose really well. But by the time we reached season 5, the creators decided to make Frank’s beloved nature an outcome of something dark and horrific. Frank was stuck at his 14-year self because he was molested by his teacher Lynn Onkman during that age. When he reunited with this 8th-grade teacher, Lynn was shocked to learn how Frank was scarred for the rest of his life.

 9. Jonah Jameson

Jonah was never a fan of Spider-Man and so he kept digging harder in order to discover something dark or dirty about the superhero. The reason behind his attitude roots back to Jonah’s childhood. He grew up watching his stepfather abusing and beating up his mother and him. To the world, his father was a hero as a war veteran and no one ever suspected his monstrous side back at home.

 10. Jesse in Pokemon

Jesse was a little girl when she had to fight her mother’s sudden disappearance. She ultimately landed up in a poorly financed orphanage that didn’t have enough food, money, or clothes to support the orphan kids. Jesse was often forced to eat snowflakes out of starvation.

 11. The Triplets Nephews of Donald Duck

Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

The adorable and mischievous triplets were left at their uncle Donald Duck’s doorstep after their mother Della Duck abandoned them. Their mischiefs had caused a firecracker explosion which landed their dad in the hospital.

 12. The Chipettes in Alvin and the Chipmunks

Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters
Dark Origin Stories of Famous Characters

The pretty and cute Chipettes were the female Chipmunks in the story whose childhood wasn’t as cheerful as their nature, it was far from it. They grew up in an orphanage and battled regular abuse at the hands of the owner.

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