10 Times The Hero Caused The Death Of Several Innocents

Should a hero fight the villain or protect mankind? What should be his/her priority? Heroes are considered the good guys and are always basking in the glory of fame. We often forget that heroes are also human like us and prone to mess things up. But they should be more careful since they literally deal with matters of life and death. Sometimes, they get carried away so much in the heat of the moment that their obsession with the bad guy puts the civilians in danger. Find out the 10 times when the hero caused the death of several innocents.

Matrix Reloaded

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As Neo discovers Trinity’s truth, he decided to save her instead of going back to the Source. As the Architect shoots Trinity, Neo raced through the air and saves her from hitting the ground Neo is blindly focused on saving Trinity while driving everything else into destruction. He doesn’t even look around or behind to see the damage he causes. The entire city is ripped off its roots and destroyed from top to bottom.

Taken 3

Liam Neeson’s Brian is blinded by his mission and does not give a second thought to his action during the road chase scene. Heroes are known for their recklessness but it’s cool as long as it is pro-civilians. The massive heave-weighted truck container flipped in the middle of the road and crushed every car that hit its way.

Batman Begins

The choice between a city and a few innocents is always a tough call. Batman became the superhero of the movie by saving Gotham City from Ra’s al Ghul. But we doubt if anyone in the parking lot survived Batman and Ra’s al Ghul’s deadly and combustible fight.

Fast Five

Hero Caused Death of Innocents
Hero Caused Death of Innocents

Stopping the bad and corrupted cops at the cost of innocents was for important the heroes here. While Dominic and Brian impede the cops from succeeding, they drive the massive container straight into a building full of people. The heavy-weighted container would have crushed these people and inflicted serious injuries.

The Avengers

This matter was brought up in the MCU that led to the ultimate Captain America: Civil War. But keeping aside what happened in Sokovia during Avengers: Age of Ultron, let us talk about the first movie. How would you feel if you were standing near a rocket taking off? You’d probably get combusted by the heat released. That’s the civilians near Iron Man are literally covering their faces while he takes off or releases blasts from his armor.

A Good Day To Die Hard

You can’t just get away with anything in the name of fighting a villain. Bruce Willis’ John McClane literally drove over civilians’ cars in the middle of the traffic. What did they commit to get this? Not only did he destroy public and private property but must have also injured several people.

Batman Begins

Hero Caused Death of Innocents
Hero Caused Death of Innocents

Batman believes in a no-kill policy and we assume that it is not limited only to the villains. We do want to believe that but it’s hard after watching Batman Begins where the cops’ car is seen flipping and flying over the road. Later, even Alfred said that it was a miracle everyone survived.

Power Rangers

It’s a miracle that anyone even chooses to live in the same city as the Power Rangers. Their fights are not just regular but they cause massive havoc by blasting shops and crashing buildings. Who cleans that up and what happens to the people losing their homes and lives?


When the savior protagonist arrives in the city to deal with the MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism), it leads to Tsunami and compels the locals to panic and run in haste. It’s unlikely that the people on the streets survived the Tsunami and the stampede.

Con Air

Hero Caused Death of Innocents
Hero Caused Death of Innocents

Did Nicolas Cage genuinely want to save the passengers of the plane or was he trying to come out as the hero? What would he achieve by landing a plane in the middle of a crowd? His action had definitely caused a mass level casualty with the nearby explosions and the flying debris, including fans.

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