10 Crazy Reasons Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles In Hollywood

Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles:

It’s impossible to think of another face portraying the iconic movie characters. But the directors had to go through many options before finding the right fit. You will be surprised to know that some actors had the audacity to turn down the famous characters of today. And the reasons for passing up these tempting offers were hilarious and bizarre. Whatever the excuse, their loss became someone else’s gain and now we couldn’t think of anyone better in those roles. Find out the crazy reasons why actors rejected legendary roles in Hollywood.

 1. Pierce Brosnan

The ultimate Agent 007 aka James Bond of the ‘90s was offered the opportunity to portray another famous entity, Batman. But Brosnan didn’t take the character who wore his underpants over his tights seriously. So, he happily let go of Tim Burton’s golden offer.

 2. Eminem

Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles
Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles

The forever-smiling and agreeable Eminem was Neil Blomkamp’s first choice for Max Da Costa in Elysium. But Eminem rejected the sci-fi movie simply because it was being shot outside his hometown, Detroit.

 3. Will Smith

The legendary director Quentin Taranto wanted Will Smith to be the titular face of Django Unchained. But Smith wasn’t cool with sharing his spotlight with other talents like Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz.        Moreover, Smith wanted to change every element about the movie that we fell in love with. For starters, he was more inclined towards romance than violence. What is Tarantino’s movie without violence and the fake blood bath?

 4. Sean Connery

Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles
Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles

The great actor whom we lost recently was largely known as the first James Bond on the silver screen. Connery was offered to play Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. But he refused to play the character because he couldn’t comprehend the script at all. The actor said till the end that despite reading the books and watching the movies, he couldn’t get the story. He went for The League of the Extraordinary Gentleman instead, which didn’t perform well.

 5. John Travolta

The Pulp Fiction star was consistently approached for Chicago by Harvey Weinstein. But every time he was asked, John’s answer was the same. He felt that the plot was about some women who were strongly bitter about every man.

 6. Hugh Jackman

Hugh was already caught in a long-term commitment with Wolverine when he was offered to play James Bond in Casino Royale. He didn’t want to be stuck in another commitment for the next decade. So let go of the blockbuster franchise in search of something different. He may be right on his part but it’s still hard for us to process from the other side of the fence.

 7. Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate was the first choice for the iconic Elle Woods in Legally Blonde that is still watched by millions of people. But back then, Christina had long experiences in playing the stereotyped blonde girls and was tired of being typecast. Her loss became Reese Witherspoon’s gain who incidentally also played Christina’s sister in Friends. That movie turned out to be a big break in Reese’s career.

 8. Russell Crowe

Hugh Jackman is the best and the ultimate Wolverine of this time, period. We can’t imagine any other actor taking up that role. But history would have been different if Russell Crowe had accepted the offer to Wolverine. Luckily he didn’t want to be confused with a “Wolf Man” or “Wolfy the General” for his previous movies. His Gladiator already had a wolf as a companion and now playing one was too much for Crowe’s image.

 9. Tim Roth

The late actor Alan Rickman was the Snape just as we had imagined him to be. He was the living embodiment of J.K. Rowling’s description of the iconic character in the Harry Potter universe. Would someone else portray him the same way? We highly doubt that. But Tim Roth was the first choice for the unsung hero. But he wasn’t up for committing himself to a decade long franchise. Little did he know the history that Harry Potter was going to make.

 10. Frank Sinatra

Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles
Why Actors Rejected Legendary Roles

Frank had injured his wrist while shooting for The Manchurian Candidate. Ten years later, he used this excuse to turn down the titular role in the classic thriller Dirty Harry. Since the actor couldn’t lift the handgun, the film moved on to Clint Eastwood who became a legend.

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