14 Interesting Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes You Didn’t Know

Every movie and series has a separate costume department that spends day and night creating the best outfit for the character. It is not merely about wearing something or setting a fashion statement. The team has to go through meticulous research behind every costume. It should tell a story, describe the nature of the character, or tap onto the viewers’ psyche from a marketing point of view. Every year the best and the most talented costume designers are awarded at the Academy Awards. We have picked out some interesting facts and details from famous characters’ costumes that the designers added on purpose. Tell us which ones you didn’t know about.

 1. Deadpool

The floral beach-shirt that Deadpool aka Wade Wilson wears in ‘Deadpool 2’ was a reference to Cable actor Josh Brolin’s film ‘The Goonies’. Chunk wore the same shirt in the 1985 film.

 2. Harry Potter

One of the famous elements and pride of the ‘Harry Potter’ universe is the Quidditch match. Harry’s costume reads number 7 because David Beckham wore number 7 for Manchester United.

 3. Django

Director Quentin Tarantino wanted to use Django’s costume in ‘Django Unchained’ as a nod to Little Joe’s outfit from the TV show ‘Bonanza’. He gave specific instructions to the costume designer and demanded to make them look as similar as it could get. And voila!

 4. Peter Quill

One of Peter aka Star-Lord’s t-shit in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ reads in a foreign language. It is written in ‘Klyn’ language which translates to “Gear Shift” which is a fictional brand in the Marvel Universe. Hats off to this amazing detail!

 5. Shazam

Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes
Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes

The buttons holding on to Shazam’s cape in ‘Shazam!’ weren’t mere designs but a reference to the comic books. The tiger-head symbol belongs to the comic book ally of the superhero, Mr. Tawny.

 6. Black Panther

Black Panther was widely appreciated for empowering representation of the Black community and traditions. The costumes worn by every character in ‘Black Panther’ were inspired by various African tribes. The royal security of Wakanda aka Dora Milaje’s necklace and red costume represented the Ndebele tribe and the Maasai tribe, respectively.

 7. Sansa Stark

The day Sansa Stark got married to Tyrion Lannister, her embroidery on her wedding gown told a story. The gold represented Sansa while the red line over it symbolized the Lannisters’ power over her. We can also see how her house symbol for Stark, wolf, and Tully fish get dominated by Lannisters’ lion.

 8. Superman

Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes
Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes

The iconic ‘S’ on Superman’s costume is a symbol of hope in Kryptonian. But in ‘Batman v Superman’, the hero’s chest projected more than the symbol. According to costume designer and director, Joseph Campbell’s quote “ Where we had thought to stand alone, we will be with all the world” is written on Superman’s chest in Kryptonian.

 9. Esme Squalor

You do need a fine actor to portray the character that has been written and visualized. But reflected the right personality is incomplete without the right costume. For instance, Steve Rogers aka Captain America’s white shirt and denim indicated how he tried to blend with the modern times while his heart was still in the 1940s. Similarly, viewers noticed the size of Esme Squalor’s shoulder pads grow and get pointer as her evil side erupted with the progress of A ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’.

 10. Trudy and Pete

Trudy and Pete’s relationship in ‘Mad Men’ was a roller coaster ride, sometimes hit with hurricanes and sometimes it has sunny days. Does that remind of you another couple from real life? This turbulent relationship resembled that of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, who were married, divorced, and remarried. That’s why the Mad Men couple’s costume in the final season was inspired by the real-life couple’s outfits.

 11. Les Miserables

Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes
Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes

Anne Hathaway’s Fantine is wearing red when Valjean runs into her. The red symbolizes imprisonment as we saw all the prisoners wear, including Valjean, in the film. In fact, the only Disney princess to ever wear red was Jasmine when she was confined by Jafar.

 12. The Matrix

The Matrix 4 Set Video Trinity’s Neo-Like Powers

The sunglasses in ‘The Matrix’ are the most iconic and signature looks of the brand. But they weren’t added as a fashion statement. The idea behind the sunglasses was to conceal the eyes of the people who could see the matrix. Moreover, these glasses weren’t made in bulk but customized for each character.

 13. Belle

Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes
Facts About Famous Characters’ Costumes

Belle’s dress in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ was inspired by 18th-century French outfits. Belle’s pockets were unconventionally hanging out almost like the French pockets that used to be tied around the waist.

 14. The Handmaids

The Handmaids in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ didn’t have laces on their boots so they could never try to strangle themselves. If you noticed carefully, their clothes didn’t have any buttons as it was considered profane and sexual.

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