New Rumor Reveals the Villain of Captain America 4, and it isn’t Just Power Broker

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier gave us the new Captain America with Sam Wilson (Antony Mackie). The show focused on his struggle and his journey to becoming Captain America. Not soon after, Captain America 4 was announced! Malcolm Spellman is penning the script alongside Dalon Musson, another staff writer on the Disney+ show. But it seems that we now know the villain of Captain America 4.

The “Sam and Bucky” series set up the Power Broker to be the next Cap villain. But a new Exclusive from That Hashtag Show claims that Sharon Broker won’t be the only villain in Cap 4. She will be joined by Sin Schmidt!

Who’s The Villain of Captain America 4?

In the comics, Sin is the daughter of Red Skull and works to re-establish Hydra. We have speculated on the rebirth of HYDRA in the MCU earlier as well. But fans think that it has run its course now. Besides Hydra, Sin is also a member of the Serpent Squad, and Marvel first teased the title of Captain America: Civil War as “Captain America: The Serpent Society.” So, Captain America 4 could do what was initially planned for Cap 3.

Marvel describes Sin as:

While on his Isle of Exiles stronghold, the Red Skull (Johann Shmidt) choose a peasant washerwomen reminiscent of his mother to bear his heir. The woman died giving birth to a daughter. Desiring to have a son, the furious Skull spat in the dead woman’s face, then took the newborn to cast her into the sea. Convinced by his underling Susan Scarboto spare the child, the Skull ordered Scarbo to be her “night mother” and raise her in misery, anger and hatred at the Skull-House, an old Catholic monastery, only seeing her himself five minutes a week. The young Sinthea Shmidt became a beast of a girl, Susan Scarbo’s prize pupil.”

It’s claimed that Marvel already has a script for Captain America 4. Currently, the script is undergoing rewrites and Marvel is actively casting for the film. As of now, they want to go ahead with a “Kate Mara type” for the role of Sin. Mara is known for House of Cards and Fantastic Four. This doesn’t mean Kate Mara is the exact actress they want, it could be merely a reference.

Power-Broker Was To Be The Villain of Cap 4

Sharon kicked off her journey in the MCU as a devoted Agent for SHIELD. We first saw her in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. From an ally to a fugitive, it’s been quite the journey for her. In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, she was promised a full pardon by Sam. And, she certainly got it in the post-credit scene of the series. She also got her “old” position back.

But she was quickly up to her evil ways. Theories have suggested that she could have ties with the real Mandarin, or she could even be a Skrull. According to the report of ThatHashtagShow, she was originally thought to be the main villain of Captain America 4. But due to the negative fan reaction surrounding her arc in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Sin will accompany her as the villain.

History Of Sin & Why She’s The Perfect Villain For Captain America 4

Sin first appeared in 1984’s Captain America #298 by J. M. DeMatteis and Paul Neary. In it, the Red Skull told Captain America his origin story which also included Sinthea’s birth and transformation into Mother Superior. Red Skull was angry to bear a daughter. He used his Deus Machina to deliver dark visions into her mind, ensuring she shared his worldview and giving her superhuman powers.

Mother Superior quickly rose to be one of Red Skull’s top lieutenants. Sinthea lost her powers of telepathy, teleportation, and intangibility due to Red Skull’s machine that he used to de-age himself. After the battle against Red Skull, S.H.I.E.L.D. took Sinthea to reeducate her, including installing false memories. She did not stay captive for too long. Crossbones freed her in 2006’s Captain America #15 by Ed Brubaker and Mike Perkins, but her powers didn’t return. It appears these powers were merely dormant, locked inside her head by psychic layers, burying them deep within her.

How Far Is Cap 4 Into Development

We know that the script is in progress and is currently going through too many re-writes. It’s safe to assume Captain America 4 will continue the story surrounding Sam Wilson as the new Captain America. It’s also known if Chris Evans is set to play Steve Rogers in an upcoming MCU movie. So, it could be Captain America 4, if not some other project.

Captain America 4 has just begun its development. We have no concrete information yet, let alone knowing when it will hit theatres. Moreover, knowing the villain this soon seems too good to be true. It is likely that ThatHashtagShow is turning into another WeGotThisCovered by reporting so many exclusives in the last few weeks. Well, good for us! But only time will tell more about the cast and the villain of Captain America 4.

Whom would you like to see as the villain of Captain America 4? Let us know in the comments.

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