12 Weird Secrets About Celebs That You Didn’t Know About

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”- Dark. This caption can be applied to all of us since humans are a complicated species. But it couldn’t reflect anyone better than celebs. They carry themselves as lovable personalities on screen but no one knows how they are behind the cameras. The abnormal work schedule and difficult work environment, as they are constantly switching amongst characters and being scrutinized by media, bring out weird characteristics in them. Fricatives and tongue twisters are not the only methods actors lean on for vocal clarity. They have real secrets that people around them have noticed. There is more to their perfect appearance and stardom that cameras don’t show. Here are the 12 crazy things celebs are into that you didn’t know about.

 1. Joaquin Phoenix

It’s ironic how the actor who played Joker had a scar on his lip. While he has plenty of mind-blowing performances and achievements to discuss, fans often tend to pick up one thing about Joaquin, his scar. Many believe it to be a mark from surgery but it’s just a birthmark that both Joaquin and his son were born with.

 2. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has two things that set him apart from the rest- his voice and earrings. While his amazing voice is natural and used for his work, the earrings are far from being a fashion statement. He keeps them as an emergency backup so the rings can buy him a coffin if he ever dies in an odd place without any contact.

 3. Emma Stone

Most of us like Emma’s unique raspy voice which easily makes her recognizable. But that low-pitch voice stems from permanent vocal damage. As a baby, Emma struggled with colic which forced her to scream her lungs out in pain. That damaged her throat and resulted in a husky voice.

 4. Christopher Walken

Weird Secrets About Celebs
Weird Secrets About Celebs

While actors rehearse their lines, redo their makeup, or practice tongue twisters, Walken dances on the sets. Before, acting, Christopher started as a professional dancer. Since then, dance has been his first love and soothes his mind during a hectic schedule.

 5. Marilyn Monroe

It isn’t Marilyn Monroe’s voice if it’s not sensual. But her iconic stylish sense of speaking resulted from stuttering. While it did sound sexy, it also concealed her stutter.

 6. Clint Eastwood

Fans were digging Clint Eastwood’s squinting in “Fistful of Dollars”. It gave him a tough, rough, and sexy cowboy look. In fact, many actors have tried to follow his footsteps in the future. However, Clint didn’t plan to do it on purpose. In fact, he had no idea how good or bad it would look. The actor was genuinely squinting from the bright sunlight on the sets. After all, he was a naturally bewitching man.

 7. Jeff Goldblum

Jeff’s popular stuttering during his dialogues is done on purpose and has a back story. He was struggling with a line while filming “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, when the director liked the accidental-unique style and asked him to deliver it in that manner. Goldblum went on to follow the advice everywhere.

 8. Ariana Grande

Music her music career flourished, the pop-princess started with a show on Nickelodeon called “Victorious”. She had to dye her hair red for the show which eventually damaged the texture. That is the primary reason behind Ariana’s signature ponytail. She says that if she ever lets it down, her hair looks “ratchet and absurd”.

 9. Bono

It’s not shocking to see celebs in sunglasses even when they are sitting in a dimmed-light room. Singer and band members are bolder on stage with eccentric and cool outfits. But U2 singer Bono donning sunglasses stems from glaucoma and not fashion. The sensitivity of his eyes is heightened when he is on stage, facing the spotlight.

 10. Deborah Ann

Weird Secrets About Celebs
Weird Secrets About Celebs

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. While brunettes dye their hair to blonde since they want the waterfalls of honey, the blondes go the other direction. Deborah from “True Blood” dyed her hair red to look more noticeable and prominent.

 11. Jason Momoa

Aquaman star’s signature scar on his eyebrows surely gives him that edgy and wild look. Even he may not have seen it becoming a thing in the future. Momoa was younger when he got into a brawl with someone at a bar. His face got smashed by glass and endured 140 stitches.

 12. Bill Nye

Weird Secrets About Celebs
Weird Secrets About Celebs

Bill Nye the Science Guy rose to prominence as a science TV presenter for kids. His signature bow tie makes him stand out in the crowd but it wasn’t adopted for fashion. He wanted to avoid long ties to prevent them from dropping in chemical solutions.

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