10 Crazy Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed

It’s no surprise that a movie script goes through various drafts before finally getting approved to hit the screen. A movie had various deleted clips that don’t make it to the theatres. The factors can keep varying from time constraints to controversies and so on. But some of these reasons that we have mentioned sound utterly silly and ridiculous. We really wouldn’t have minded watching the original version. Find out the 10 crazy reasons why these movies were changed. For us, it might seem insignificant, but for the producers, it meant a great deal.

 1. The Shining

Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed

One of the most horrifying thrillers, The Shining left a deep impact on minds for many nights. Looking at Jack Nicholson still sends chills down our spines. The hotel where the filming took place feared that the film could leave an adverse impact on their sales. Earlier, the room number of the infamous room was supposed to be #217. But on the repeated insistence of the hotel, Stanley Kubrick changed it to #237, which didn’t exist in the building. Well, we can’t really blame the management for being prudent in this. Who would have wanted to stay in that eerie room? The hotel is happy with its decision after the release of the #237 movie.

 2. Iron Man 3

MCU is infamous for restricting the creativity of the writers and directors, which is why several of them left the studios. According to reports, the original draft of Iron Man 3 was supposed to have a female villain. But they were compelled to change it because Marvel wanted to sell toys. The executives believed that kids wouldn’t be inclined to buy the action figure of a female character. Thanks to Taika Waititi and Hela who changed that belief.

 3. The Right Stuff

Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed
Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed

The Right Stuff originally had some profane language that had to be removed to pacify the military’s vanity. According to the arm, including swearing words would deem the movie ‘R’ rated. They argued to remove the ‘R’ so more teens would watch it and get inspired to join the military.

 4. Doctor Strange

Biggest Controversies of Marvel

MCU had attracted many controversies after they whitewashed the Marvel character, Ancient One who was an Asian in the comic books. In their defense, the studio didn’t want to upset any single country by stereotyping the character. They feared losing the Chinese market by delving into the Tibetan culture. So, they went with Tilda Swinton.

 5. Lee Daniels’ The Butler

This movie was originally supposed to be titled “The Butler”. But as the promotions and trailers hit the screens, Warner Bros. decided to counter The Weinstein Company as they didn’t want the film to capitalize on WB’s 1916 silent film, The Butler. WB claimed that the audience might watch the movie by considering it to be a reboot of their 1916 movie.

 6. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 MCU Endgame

GOTG was crucial in introducing us to various other creatures of the Marvel Universe. James Gunn had named one of the aliens Sneepers. But Disney didn’t allow him to use this name due to their PG-13 policy. Confused? Well, Sneepers means clitoris in Icelandic.

 7. Golden Eye

The US military wasn’t happy with the representation of an American Admiral who was fooled by the assassin Xenia Onatopp and killed with her thigh-grip. The movie was provided with the U.S. helicopters to shoot only after they changed his nationality to Canadian. Showing an American Chuck Farrel being deceived by Xenia and dying during a compromised position was non-negotiable for them.

 8. World War Z

It’s weird to write about a movie that’s based on a virus pandemic but we’ll go ahead anyway. World War Z had originally shown China was the starting point of the zombie virus apocalypse. But as the producers didn’t want to lose the Chinese market, they changed the origin.

 9. Princess Diaries

Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed
Reasons Why These Movies Were Changed

Imagine having to do extra work because your boss’ young granddaughter said so. Princess Diaries was supposed to end with Anne Hathaway’s Mia boarding her private jet for Genovia. But after the director’s granddaughter strongly insisted on showing a glimpse of the castle, he had no option but to concede and take digital help. Can’t complain about the castle, though!

 10. Spectre

According to reports, the hacked emails of the production house revealed that Mexico promised to give them $20 Million tax incentives in exchange for presenting in a modern and attractive light. More conditions were added such as casting a popular Mexican actress and not making the villain a Mexican.

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