Rumor: Ben Affleck Asked To Return as Daredevil in Doctor Strange 2

Spider-Man: No Way Home made the Spider-Verse canon by bringing the past renditions of Spider-Man onto the screen. Not only that, but the movie also brought the existing franchise of Venom from the Sony world of Spider-Man actors into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are already plans for this going forward and working into its own narrative that would see more from the character of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man. Fans are already expecting that we will get to see more from this style and thus get a chance to see more of the past franchises to become canon. It seems that Ben Affleck, who had played Matt Murdock in a solo movie, was reached out to return as Daredevil in Doctor Strange 2.

Multiverse of Madness

There is already a lot of development in the MCU with a variety of characters making their appearance in the movie. Fans got to witness Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock from the Netflix Daredevil series making his appearance in No Way Home. Even Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk became a part of the MCU with his appearance in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. But the biggest news was definitely when the past Spider-Man films became a part of the MCU Spider-Verse with a variety of characters from them appearing in No Way Home. This has actually made fans wonder about what we might get to see in the other projects in the future of the franchise.


There are a lot of franchises of projects based on Marvel characters that already exist. Some of them even have a massive fanbase with the most popular being the movies under the 20th Century Fox banner. There have been various rumors regarding the characters from the movie actually being a part of the MCU with the multiverse being introduced. With the past characters making their appearances fans are sure that MCU would do some major fanservice by bringing characters from Fox-verse based on the rumors regarding Doctor Strange 2.


Ben Affleck Approached For Doctor Strange 2

Daredevil in Doctor Strange 2

According to Jeremy Conrad of Manabyte, Marvel Studios might have made an offer to Ben Affleck for making an appearance in the MCU. This was not gonna be any cameo as the actor was actually going to play the role of Matt Murdock. This would actually serve as a proper ending to Ben Affleck’s role in the character. But Marvel actually didn’t expect the actor to sign for this role as he has been said to be more loyal to Warner Bros.


This report was actually corroborated by Big Screen Leaks as they reported:

“For obvious reasons, I was asked to keep this a secret but Marvel did indeed reach out to Affleck for a cameo as Daredevil. They sent out preliminary contracts to his team, but I’m not sure if anything came of it.


Another confirmation regarding this report was made by KC Walsh of Geeks Worldwide who reported,

Saw a story that Marvel reached out to Affleck for a Daredevil cameo, this was something I heard as well, but I wouldn’t expect a cameo.

Daredevil in Doctor Strange 2

This does not come as much surprising considering there were various rumors regarding a Fox character making a cameo in the movie. Ben Affleck has talked about Kevin Feige before and his comments might mean that we might actually see him reprise his role in Doctor Strange 2.


During an interview with Award Chatters Podcast the actor mentioned:

“That, coinciding with, not Daredevil which was not a good movie, even though f***ing Kevin Feige, who is, you absolutely have to say the greatest producer, most successful producer who ever lived. He’s the only guy in the world, who if he told me like ‘I know what the audience wants, this what we’re gonna do,’ I would believe it in a heartbeat. That f***er knows his audience like no producer, he’s a genius. Absolute master, ya know, circus… ring master of the circus. He knows exactly… when to pull at the heart strings [of the audience], exactly how to do the effects, how many jokes, what the sensibility, what the tone is…”

Even though Daredevil was not the best of the Marvel movies, Affleck’s performance was well received by the fans. With the ongoing rumors of Tom Cruise appearing in the movie as a variant of Tony Stark, it would surely be rather awesome to see Ben Affleck appear in the movie. With the multiverse having endless possibilities it would be absolutely awesome to get a chance to see Affleck get a final chance on his role. Whether he will actually appear in the movie remains to be seen.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will release in theaters worldwide on May 6.

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