5 Superheroes Who Killed Their Lovers and Family Members

Superheroes have a lot of times been under mind control or have been in some desperate circumstances where they have to kill their loved ones. Here is a list of some such superheroes:

Superman Kills Lois and His Unborn Kid

Superheroes Who Killed Their Loved Ones

Under the influence of the drug of the Scarecrow, given to Supes by the Joker, the Man Of Steel kills Lois thinking of her to be Doomsday. What was worse than he, out of his mind yet again, when comes to his senses, he realizes that there are two heartbeats coming from the body of the woman. The second of his unborn child who he killed.

Mystique Kills Graydon


Mystique, be with Xavier or Magneto, sure is hell bent on saving her mutant race. One such time is when she has to kill her own son, Graydon, in order to save the mutants. Graydon is an anti-mutant terrorist group’s leader. Naturally becoming Mystique’s adversary, hence naturally being dead.

Wolverine Kills Jean

Superheroes Who Killed Their Loved Ones

In X-Men: Phoenix — Endsong, the Shi’ar fail to terminate the Phoenix Force, which then in order to survive flies to Earth to bond with Jean Grey again. In order to save the world, Jean asks Wolverine to kill her. Wolverine kills Jean Grey repeatedly. the actual number is six times. With every time, the Phoenix reviving her, and getting weaker, until it completely fades away.

Wolverine Kills His Kids

Wolverine has had it all with killing his own children. When Daken, Wolverine’s son starts working for Norman Osborn in the Dark Avengers, in order to bring the bloodshed to an end, Wolvie has to kill Daken. He puts his claws inside him and then drowns him in order to stop him from regenerating, what’s worse is that all this while what is going through his mind is how his life would have been with Daken by his side. Apart from this there is a group, known as The Mongrels was a group that was controlled by someone else, the group was trained into a fight with Logan and eventually lose. And that is what happens, Logan defeats them and kills them brutally, only to realize later that they were his children.

Spider-Man Kills Gwen

Superheroes Who Killed Their Loved Ones

This is till date the biggest shock ever to be caused to the comic book fans for killing the loved one of a superhero that too by the hands of a villain. Osborn kills Peter’s girl, Gwen Stacy, or should we call it, he makes Peter kill his girlfriend. This was truly a defining moment for the bronze age comics as it not only changed the trend but here it’s actually Spidey’s webbing trying to save Gwen, that leads to snapping her neck.

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