7 Most Insanely Powerful Versions of The Hulk, Ranked

Hulk already is one of the most powerful superheroes if not the most powerful. Still, there are many versions of the Hulk, some even powerful than the classic Hulk. Here are some of them listed:

7. War Hulk

He appears at the time of the’ Onslaught’ saga. The events take place when Bruce banner leaves earth and this Hulk is left behind. Now as confusing as this may be, what happens further is that Apocalypse takes control of the Hulk on Earth and makes him his horseman, named War which has some really good strength.

6. Red Hulk

Red Hulk became a real popular character when he hit the comics. The character lined up all the powerful heroes of the Marvel Universe and beat them in battle, this version of Hulk absorbed powers of his opponents, but still, he was defeated by the Classic Hulk.

5. Doc Green

Here after the Ancient Order tries to kill Bruce Banner, he survives due to his regenerative capabilities but is given Extremis by Stark in order to get stronger. This version has his mind intact and also stops taking Extremis so that he doesn’t become extremely overpowered in the future.

4. Hulk

This is the classic version of Hulk, where Doctor Bruce Banner gets hit by Gamma radiations and transforms into the mindless giant green angry Hulk. It also stated that ‘the angrier the Hulk gets, the more powerful he becomes’.

3. Maestro

This is that version of the Doc Green, which is shown in the ‘Future Imperfect’ series by Peter David. This version of Hulk had taken over the World and killed off all the heroes. His powers here came from his madness and also had an upper limit to it.

2. Mindless Hulk

versions of the hulk

Mindless Hulk is one of the versions of Hulk, where when Bruce Banner and Hulk are separated in order to test a theory if this weakens the Hulk. This version of Hulk is completely mindless and even powerful than the normal Hulk.

1. Green Scar

Green Scar is that version of the Hulk, who when is in space and his pod gets knocked off lands on the planet of the gladiators. Here even his intellect is intact while being in the Hulk form, after his crusade he gets back to Earth to take revenge in World War Hulk.

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