12 Movie Adaptations That Dropped Out The Craziest Stuff From Books

We are always talking about movies taking creative liberty while adapting stories from the books. It can’t be denied how hard it is to be faithful to the source material for the time, age certification, and novelty constraints. What sounds good on the papers cannot necessarily be translated in the same way on the screen. Sometimes, the films also have to remove stuff that might be disturbing for the sensor board. We can’t deny how wild it would have been if the films had added these wild elements. Find out the 12 movie adaptations that dropped out the craziest stuff from books.

Captain America

Movie Adaptations From Books

The first issue of Captain America comics in Marvel had fuelled a lot of criticism and backlash at its release during World War II. That’s because Captain America had knocked off the Fuhrer, Hitler with a massive punch on the cover page. This major scene never made it to the MCU movies. Had it been adopted, it would have taken away Thanos, Red Skull, and Ultron’s Thunder.

Forrest Gump

Movie Adaptations From Books

In the book version of Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks’ character went through more unbelievable adventures. Forrest went to space with an ape named Sue while he was in his smoking and cursing phase. But Sue ends up crashing the ship, forcing them to survive amongst cannibals for some years.

Harry Potter

The seven series of the Harry Potter movie missed out on plenty of significant stuff from the seven books. From Hermione fighting for the house-elves to Dobbie’s contribution to the Gaunt family to Fred’s death, we didn’t get to watch a lot of moments. But one thing that the movie fans always wondered about was Peter Pettigrew’s fate. Dumbledore always told Harry that Peter will pay him back one day for sparing his life in “The Prisoner of Azkaban”. After Peter let Harry and Ron escape with his wand in the “Deathly Hallows”, he strangled himself with the silver hand that Voldemort gifted him.

American Psycho and The Rules of Attraction

The protagonists in both the movies were brothers, Patrick and Sean Bateman. The two brothers made a cameo appearance in each other’s standalone books. While Sean visited his brother Patrick for a dinner in “American Psycho”, Patrick made his appearance by narrating a chapter. None of this happened in the movies.


Movie Adaptations From Books
Movie Adaptations From Books

In the film, a bullied Carrie burned down the school and killed some of her batchmates after discovering her powers. But in Stephen King’s novel, Carrie explodes the whole town by detonating gas tanks underground and by blocking the water supply at the fire department.

The Shawshank Redemption

“The Shawshank Redemption” is a classic film that couldn’t get any better. But a small part from the book was omitted on the screen. While Andy was in the prison, he bribed the guards to break down the fellow prisoner who was raping him. Andy smuggled the money with him by shoving it up to his a** so deep that none of the tests detected it.


Stephen King’s popular “It” novel had a disturbing part that had shaken the readers from their core. This controversial scene involved Beverly and the rest of the kids indulging in an orgy in order to escape by proving their love. The major film franchise wisely decided to stay out of controversy by dropping the children orgy.

The Hunger Games

During the finale of “The Huger Games”, Katniss and Peeta were attacked by ferocious creatures that looked like dogs. But in the books, they were mutant dogs created out of the bodies of dead tributes. According to the description, they looked like a hybrid of humans and dogs.


Movie Adaptations From Books
Movie Adaptations From Books

The original book of Cinderella was pretty dark for Disney standards. In the earliest versions, Cinderella had killed her stepmother and forced her father to marry the housemaid. That housemaid turned out to be the evil stepmother who brought her spoilt kids along with her.


In Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy’s “Wanted”, a lot of characters from the book were left out. For instance, the cannibal villains were missing who fed on Morgan Freeman’s character, Sloan.


According to horror genre author, Stephen King, he was drunk while writing Cujo and didn’t remember half the things he wrote. That was his explanation for the heartbreaking death of the four-year-old Tad who succumbed to suffocation and dehydration while trapped in a hot car. But the movie decided to save the kid who was rescued by his mother at the last moment.


Movie Adaptations From Books
Movie Adaptations From Books

When you look at the cover page of Stephen King’s “Misery” you wouldn’t miss the shadow of the girl holding an ax. No one would mistake the ax for a hammer. Yet the director decided to replace Annie Wilkes’ axe with a sledgehammer. She broke Paul Sheldon’s ankle with the hammer but her book counterpart cut off the whole foot with the axe.

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