Great Movie Moments Spoiled By Sloppy CGI

The current Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) effects have surpassed beyond, what they used to be a few years back. The CGI effects of today’s time have evolved to a level, where a proper implication of the CGI tools can lead to awesome effects in the movie. But, sometimes as a director one needs to understand the limitations, to the use of CGI and how it can only be used in certain situations. In most cases, judicious use of this technique helps create wonderful scenes, like how Steven Spielberg in Jurassic park understood the limitations of this tech and worked around it. Although there were mistakes, these were not major rendering issues. But the upcoming list of movies deals with CGI effects that were purposely employed to finish the project in the stipulated time period or because they did not make wise use of the funds allotted for the CGI production of the movie.

X-Men: The Last Stand

In the movie, we witness younger versions of Professor X and Magneto, but on closer inspection, one would find out what’s wrong. In the scene where both the friends visit Jean Grey’s house, a close look at their faces reveals the blunder. The faces of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen seem to have undergone bad plastic surgery.

Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoenix

In the final sequence, the audience witnessed Sirius Black being hit by Bellatrix’s killing curse and instantaneously turning into a ghost. The scene looked so painted up right from the start, that it would have just been better to pull off a real scene, with the ghost effect added later.

The Illusionist

Movie Moments Spoiled By CGI

For an act like magic which is based on a lot of sleight of hands and tricks performed up close and personal. The director for ‘The Illusionist’ Neil Burger, seemed to have gone overboard with the CGI effects being employed in the movie, so much so that the entire narrative feels very different. The CGI effects display magic, but from an alternate realm colliding with the present one.


Movie Moments Spoiled By CGI
Movie Moments Spoiled By CGI

In the final scene of Kick-Ass, we witness the protagonist go up against a group of bad guys. The scene witnesses the hero fly with a pair of the jet pack, with a pair of Gatling guns over each shoulder. Even with a low-budget Kick-Ass did a pretty decent job with the CGI effects in the movie.

The Man of Steel

In the movie, when Kal-El aka Superman is shown fighting general Zod, nothing out of the blue popped up. But when they took to the streets of Metropolis, the background of the city crumbling seemed a little out of texture for that time of the day.


The escape from the limbo to the real world has often been a hot topic of discussion for many fans. Christopher Nolan’s implication of the Inception narrative was wonderful, but the use of CGI kind of overdid its utilization. In the final moments of the movie, as the different worlds start to fall off, so does the render of the CGI that was employed.

The Lovely Bones

The drastic use of different landscapes in the same portrait, dragged this movie away from the essence of reality into the world of sci-fi, with the roots still depicting the events of the real world. The need for going into another worldly feel ended up with a much complex CGI effect which seemed to have gotten lost with the movie’s narrative.

The Life of Pi

Movie Moments Spoiled By CGI
Movie Moments Spoiled By CGI

The movie seemed to have captured the intellectual audience but was not able to click with the CGI fans of the movie. In some scenes, the use of CGI was impeccable, but in some other scenes, especially the one with the zoo seemed to have gone a little too lazy, in terms of the reality quotient.

The Hobbit

The movie in general shared a great story with the audience, but a majority of the scenes which involved the use of CGI proved to be a disappointment. The use of CGI in some of these scenes was so uncalled for. An actual shoot would have rather done wonders for the movie.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The plot of the narrative revolved around the backstory of the story’s lone ranger, Wolverine aka Logan. But one thing which was unsettling about the entire movie was the bad CGI effects of the claws. The claws seemed to appear on Logan’s hand from another dimension, with a notable difference between the base of the claws and the actual fist from which they were supposed to protrude out from.

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