12 Times Props and Sets Were Reused By Legendary Movies

Sets Reused By Legendary Movies:

Even big-budget movies can spend miserly on the productions. Money management is a crucial factor in every field, including the billion dollars-worth industry. The filmmakers try to cut costs wherever possible and invest the money somewhere else for optimum results. That’s why many movies and series have borrowed sets or props from other movies and reused them. This practice is not limited to only the small budget movies. You’ll be surprised to know that the movies that appeared to be expensive had relied on “hand-me-downs”. Find out 12 times props and sets were reused by legendary movies.

 1. Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark and Das Boot were getting filmed at the same time in nearby locations. This turned out to be an advantage for director Steven Spielberg as he was in need of a submarine prop. Coincidentally, Das Boot already had one and lent it to Spielberg.

 2. The Matrix

The black and white chess printed floor set of Dark City was again seen in The Matrix. In fact, it is believed that some of the ideas from the movie’s plot were also infused in the latter.

 3. Les Miserables

The famous set from Harry Potter was repurposed for another iconic movie, Les Miserables. We are referring to the barricades build in the narrow street corners that were originally the popular Diagon Alley that of the Wizarding World. Thank God that they changed it back to Diagon Alley.

 4. Minority Report and Firefly

The armors used in Starship Troopers have moved around in the industry for ages. The same suits were used in Firefly, Minority Report, Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.

 5. Back To The Future 2

During their trip to the future of 2015, a lot of futuristic cars were shown in Hill Valley. Some of those state-of-the-art cars were borrowed from other iconic Hollywood movies such as Blade Runner and The Last Starfighter.

 6. Star Trek

One would wonder if an iconic show like Star Trek used original sets and props for fans to cherish in the future. But it was feasible for them to borrow used-sets for temporary purposes. Therefore, in the 8th episode of “Miri”, Kirk and Spock land in a copy of Earth that was stuck in the 1960s. This replica of Earth resembled Mayberry, North Carolina from The Andy Griffith Show.

 7. Gone With The Wind

Not every movie is like Inglourious Basterds that built a set only to burn it down completely. Since producers didn’t want to burn money on the sets (pun intended), they went for old and useless sets. These sets were given an Atlanta-like appearance and then set ablaze.

 8. Blade Runner

The legendary director Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘One From The Heart’ is not one of his movies to remember. Even though its set and props didn’t contribute to the movie, they rendered useful to Blade Runner. We are talking about the neon signs that became a signature mark of Blade Runner.

 9. Star Wars

Superman and Star Wars have shared a significant prop in the past. Since their productions were taking place at the same studio, the directors found it feasible to share the props. The chest that was used by Obi-Wan to keep the lightsaber was also stationed in Lex Luthor’s house where he hid the Kryptonite.

 10. The Muppets

The famous kids’ movie, The Muppets were shot on an eerie set, built a century back. This set belonged to one of the Phantom of the Opera adaptions and was constructed in 1924. It wasn’t touched for decades until the Muppets recycled it back to life.

 11. Die Hard

Director John McTiernan’s famous teddy bear has passed on across movies. The teddy that Bruce Willis’ John McClane takes to his kids as a Christmas gift was also used in The Hunt For Red October. Both movies were directed by John McTiernan.

 12. Face/Off

Sets Reused By Legendary Movies
Sets Reused By Legendary Movies

The magnetic boots that Archer and everyone in the sea prison wear in Face/ Off were reused. These boots originally belonged to Goombas in Super Mario Bros.

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