12 Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know Were Originally Different

Movie Scenes Originally Different:

The screenwriters and the creative team spend months in coming up with themes and dialogues. Even the smallest and the most random detail may have taken hours of brainstorming by brilliant minds. Now imagine how would you feel if the scenes were changed in the last moment. Everything that is written on the pages is not always translated on the big screen. Sometimes the actors or the directors improvise or ad-lib the moments and tweak the script. Sometimes, it does make sense as the actors end up comprehending their characters and the scenes more than the writers. Here are 12 instances of movie scenes that were originally different.

 1. Doctor Strange

The hilarious and aww-worthy scene where the loyal cloak wipes tears off Doctor Strange’s face was improvised on the spot. It was the experienced and talented actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s idea to add that witty scene.

 2. Mission: Impossible 2

Movie Scenes Originally Different

Tom Cruise’ Ethan and Thandie Newton’s Hal were going to sit and have a mundane conversation about their relationship. But according to the director, that scene wouldn’t have blended with the theme. After all MI is supposed to increase your adrenaline rush and a having a relationship “talk” over coffee was too Nicholas Sparks. So they ended up talking about it during the intense car chase scene retained the s3xiness and heat of the movie.

 3. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Filming one of the greatest movies, TLOTR was equally adventurous both on and offscreen. Actors had endured several wounds on sets- Orlando Bloom cracked his ribs and Viggo Mortenson broke his toes. The scene where Aragorn screamed in anguish on assuming that the hobbits were dead, actor Viggo had  broken his toes on kicking a helmet. The so-called scream out of sadness came out of physical pain.

 4. Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s James Bond was supposed to float away on water in the one of the scenes. But to Craig’s surprise, he hit a sandbank on the beach and decided to get up and continue walking. The director decided to keep that hot scene and focus on the water dripping slowly through Bond’s chiseled body instead. It turned out to be an iconic scene for the film.

 5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Mark Hamill kissing Leia’s forehead in the ending scene of The Last Jedi was improvised by Hamill. Playing Luke Skywalker for so long, Mark knew what his character would have done. According to director Rian Johnson, “It felt like church on set that day”.

 6. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Rooney Mara had cold and sour throat the day her character Lisbeth was supposed to meet Bjurman. It may have looked intentional as it blended with the scene but Lisbeth’s voice wasn’t supposed to sound like that. As the director was impressed with how it sounded authentic and fragile, he went ahead with it.

 7. The Godfather

Movie Scenes Originally Different
Movie Scenes Originally Different

The writers and Francis Ford Coppola wanted Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone to be a noisy and pompous gangster. But Al Pacino knew better than making his character loud and insisted on reflecting a quitter and reserved personality like a closed diary. Even though everyone had their reservations initially, they ended up loving it.

 8. Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow was written as a conventional pirate from Hollywood movies. But dedicated to his quirky side, Depp decided to go off the track and be a pirate no one had seen before. His metrosexual approach left the producers gobsmacked.

 9. Deadpool 2

Fans have said a million times that Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds are synonymous to each other. There is hardly any difference between the witty and goofy characters. So, we shouldn’t be surprised if half the scenes in Deadpool were impromptu and dependent on Ryan being Ryan. The part where Deadpool accidentally broke the Cerebro was not scripted. Ryan Reynolds had really broken it by mistake while filming and the director decided to keep the scene.

 10. Midnight Cowboy

Movie Scenes Originally Different
Movie Scenes Originally Different

Dustin Hoffman simply couldn’t get the car door slam scene right. He had to shoot the scene at least 15 times for the director to be satisfied. But luckily (or not), Dustin almost got hit by a car which forced him to scream the famous  line“I’m walkin’ here!” and slam the d*mn door. At last the director was happy with the surprise element and decided to keep it.

 11. Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Yondu’s death at the end of GOTG2 was a defining and a deeply emotional moment in the other hilarious franchise. His sacrifice for his adopted son Peter Quill was something no one, not even Star-Lord saw coming. But James Gunn had other plans for Yondu.

He wanted to save Yondu in the last moment just so Michael Rooker could retrieve the role in the next part. But Gunn realized how it would have ruined the story. In order to give a deeper meaning to GOTG story, Gunn killed Yondu’s character.

 12. Alien: Covenant

Movie Scenes Originally Different
Movie Scenes Originally Different

A prayer was originally planned to be played during the alien’s transformation. But director Ridley Scott found it too cliché and went with the song by John Denver.

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