Game of Thrones: Move Over R+L=J, Because W=A!


What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today.

The lesson, which was delivered to Arya in Season 1 has become the one ray of light in the darkness of the possibility of Arya’s death. Game of Thrones fans are tired of the Stark pups (and their actual pups) dying, and can’t help but hope there’s no way the Braavosi storyline would have carried forward with such intricacy and investment if Arya’s death was the ultimate result. Obviously, the Waif is at the top of every GOT fan’s kill list right now.

But here’s an astounding possibility that the net denizens are grappling with: redditor catNamedStupidity came up with the idea that there is a grave possibility that the Waif and Arya are the same person– the waif is Arya’s split personality in a classic dissociative identity disorder case. Hold on- before you dismiss the idea, hear out what the redditor’s  has to say:

  1. “ She is only seen by either Jaqen H’ghar or by Arya.
  2. She has a very incredible back story, much like Mercy or Cat of the Canals.
  3. She know’s what Arya is doing, all the time. She knows when she lies. She can tell where she is.
  4. She tries to force Arya to leave. She makes her insecure.”

If you remember Arya’s fights with the Waif on the streets, or the Waif’s casual entrance and exit from the backstage after spying on Arya, you’ll realize she is a very slippery character- too slippery, in fact. For all you know, the Waif might be an instrument of Arya’s imagination, and all the conversations that the Waif has with Jaqen H’ghar are actually composed of Arya speaking to him, in a plot twist reminiscent of Fight Club. Since Game of Thrones has always been dabbling in ideas that a 21st Century audience can relate to, despite its 12th Century setting- from sexuality to religion, will it be THAT surprising that they bring in conversation about mental disorders?

For those looking for a fantasy front to this, as catNamedStupidity says, ‘A case can be made that when Arya came to the House of Black and White, the water that she drank induced this in her. In a way, The Waif is no one. Her only mission is to kill off Arya, the inner Arya, the one who can never be one of them.’ Is it so surprising that all the people in the streets merely stared at Arya as she walked away, blood seeping from her stomach- if Arya has truly become No One? We’ll only know next week.

Catch Game of Thrones this week to find out!

Stuti Pachisia

Stuti Pachisia is fond of poetry, coffee and (un)necessary argumentation. She is an avid writer and an equally avid procrastinator. When she does write, it is mostly about love, loss and war.
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