Captain Carter Arrives in this Epic New Doctor Strange 2 TV Spot

Cinematic experience in the modern world is very different to what it used to be a decade ago. The people who wrote the stories and conceived the characters we now watch could have never thought possible the things that happen in the MCU. This technical prowess of creating something out of nothing and navigating the uncanny valley is a thing that Marvel does very well. As is readily apparent in the new Doctor Strange 2 TV spot. Marvel revealed a lot in a new 15-minute spot that was removed as quickly from the website as it was posted. But the damage was already done. We have a link to the footage as re-uploaded by Screen Culture. Take a look at what the footage reveals.

There are a lot of hidden details in this TV spot but two of them pop out almost immediately. The TV spot has introduced both Captain Carter and Professor X’s hoverchair to the MCU. This is also the first footage which namedrops “The Illuminati”. Mordo says, ” The Illuminati will see you now”. As if the implication of the multiverse destroying itself was not ominous enough. Sam Raimi is true to his word. He seems to be making a horror movie, the likes of which we have never seen before. At least, not in the MCU. Let me show you the hidden details in the TV spot and then break them down into digestible bites.


New Doctor Strange TV Spot

Let’s start with Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter. At the start of the trailer when we are introduced to characters in dire situations along with the beat of the drum we get a look at a shield. But this is not just any shield. A still from the TV spot reveals that this is actually a vibranium shield with the UK flag imprinted on it. This shield belongs to Captain Carter. Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter seems to be headed back into the MCU. Moreover, closer inspection of the footage reveals that she has some form of a jet-pack or thruster on her back.


new Doctor Strange 2 TV spot

The next thing of note in the TV spot is that Mordo straight-up namedrops The Illuminati. But this is not the focus of the sequence. The sequence builds up to Professor X entering the scene on his classic hoverchair. A still from the TV spot reveals the color and the look of the chair. Fans speculate that this version of the hoverchair might be more faithful to the comics than the previous versions. Professor X is going to see just what kind of Doctor Strange our MCU Strange is. Benedict Cumberbatch is about to be put to the test.


The TV spot also revealed a variant of Captain Marvel. This person is most likely Lasha Lynch’s Maria Rambeau. It seems like MCU is trying to pull off a second Infinity War. They seem to be setting up Doctor Strange to fail in a spectacular way. I mean, it is possible that Strange will lose in Multiverse of Madness. Maybe he is fated to lose (and by ‘fated’ I mean as ordained by Kevin Feige). This new Doctor Strange 2 TV spot has some sinister implications for the MCU.


The Future

There is a good chance that the MCU’s future will not be what we think it is. Strange has a long and hard battle to fight. There are a lot of enemies who will oppose his quest to save the MCU but he must remain steadfast in his actions. The fate of the MCU rests in his hands. We think that Strange is supposed to fail in this endeavor. One more thing we want to mention is that Hayley Atwell’s character seems to be wearing some form of jet-pack or thrusters.


If that is the case then she might be using a modified version of Steve Rogers’s HYDRA Stomper suit, like the one that was used in What If. But anything we say right now will only amount to speculation at best.

Let us know what you think about this new Doctor Strange 2 TV spot down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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