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14 Movies That Spent Millions To Fix Issues After Filming

Filmmaking could be a rather large endeavor and it includes a lot of time and hard work behind the process. With the advanced technology behind the filmmaking process, this has been somewhat reduced than before. Often certain issues with the movie might actually cause certain changes to be made during the post-production. This might end up costing a lot more than the original production of the project might have cost. There have been various cases of this over the years and certain movies had to be completely dropped because of this issue. Let’s take a look at a few examples of movies that spent millions to fix issues that came up during or after production.

All the Money in the World

Ridley Scott replaced Kevin Spacey in his project All the Money in the World with Christopher Plummer after the sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey. While most of the scenes required a green screen to replace him, the studio had to spend a sum of $10 million for the reshoots. This was the last moment change that actually paid off for the movie.


Army of the Dead

A similar change required Tig Notaro to be placed in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead as Chris D’Elia had to be removed from the movie after reports of his sexual misconduct allegations came out in June 2020. The editing was done in such a manner that it was absolutely unbelievable to think that Tig Notaro hadn’t shot a single scene with the rest of the cast of the movie.


Back to the Future

Originally Eric Stoltz was cast in the role of Marty McFly for Back to the Future and a certain amount of the movie was even finished filming but the directors weren’t getting the vibe of the actor in the character. Michael J. Fox was picked for the role and at the same time agreements had to be made so that the star can work on his series and the movie simultaneously. This decision ended up causing an additional amount of $3 million to the overall budget.



Cleopatra was one of the most expensive movies at the time of its making and 20th Century Fox went nearly bankrupt while funding for the movie. This required a lot of reshoots just to finish the movie and it is considered one of the most expensive movies in cinema history.

Justice League

Movies That Spent Millions To Fix Issues

Zack Snyder had to exit Justice League due to unfortunate circumstances and this caused Warner Bros. to hire Joss Whedon so that they can complete the rest of the movie. A whopping sum of $25 million was spent on the reshoots.


Lone Ranger

During the production of Lone Ranger, the budget of the movie spiked above $200 million and this forced the production house to shut down the project. This forced some of the major action sequences to be cut so that millions could be saved in the VFX for the movie.


According to initial plans, Mike Myers had to record all his dialogues for Shrek in a Candian accent but during the compilation, it was discovered that Mike Myers had switched to a Scottish accent halfway through the movie and this forced DreamWorks to reanimate a lot of these scenes which required around $4-5 million to be spent.


Solo: A Star Wars Story

There was a lot of issue behind the making of Solo: A Star Wars Story as the movie also saw original directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller being fired with only a few weeks of filming left for the movie. Ron Howard was brought in to direct the reshoot about 70% of the movie and this spiked the budget of the movie to $275 million.

Sonic the Hedgehog

When the first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog came out fans were quick to point out the terrible mistake Paramount Pictures had made with the appearance of Sonic. The studio had to change to correct this entire thing with major changes made to the VFX behind the movie and this required spending around $5 million.


Suicide Squad

Warner Bros. is known for participating in their projects and bother the creative freedom of the directors and putting their own moves on these projects. They felt that Suicide Squad was short on humor and action and they went for reshoots and this caused spending tens of millions in order to get it done accordingly.

The Dark Tower

Movies That Spent Millions To Fix Issues

The Dark Tower faced major criticism from the audience during the first screening day because it lacked the proper backstory for Idris Elba’s character. Sony had to spend $6 million so that they can explore the backstory of Idris Elba a bit more with proper rewrites and reshoots.



Titanic was considered to be one of the most expensive movies but the budget of the movie wasn’t always $200 million. The shoot for the movie required 22 more days of shooting and this is what caused the most of their money. These extra dollars were spent majorly so that changes could be made to certain visual effects.


One of the biggest box office failures Waterworld shed millions of dollars in order to rebuild the multimillion-dollar set after it was destroyed due to a hurricane.


World War Z

The first cut of World War Z had received some very harsh reviews after its release. This forced the makers to reshoot certain scenes so as to make it a bit better in comparison to these terrible reviews and this cost them $40 million more.

So these were the movies that spent millions to fix issues that came up amidst development.

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