2 Villains of No Way Home That Were Not Done Justice With

Spider-Man: No Way Home featured the most major Spider-Man villains together in a movie. Not only that, but the movie had to do justice to these characters considering they are beloved by the fans of the character. Spider-Man couldn’t deal with so many antagonists together and hence we got to see him team up with the past two Spider-Men. It is not easy to put so many characters together on the screen and get an interesting narrative out of it. No Way Home actually managed to bring together this many characters and also give them a chance to establish themselves in the movie. Even after having a brilliant narrative, there were at least 2 villains of No Way Home that weren’t done justice with. 

Villains In MCU

Over the years, we have gotten to see a variety of villains make their appearance in the MCU projects. Not every one of them was as good as fans might have expected them to be but they did carry a certain weight to them. Some of the best villains among them included Ultron and Loki who made a massive impact on the overall narrative. Loki transitioned into a very major character in the MCU himself, as he even has his own Disney+ series now. Spider-Man himself got some major villains to face off against in the first two solo projects and there was even hype for a possible Sinister Six appearance.


Villains of No Way Home

No Way Home going making the Spider-Verse canon had fans wondering how it will impact the movie. But the movie brought back some of the most essential villains that we had witnessed in the previous Spider-Man movies. Amongst the villains who were able to appear from across the multiverse into the MCU, we got to see some major roles from Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. Both of them have a significant amount to give to the narrative as a whole and it made an impact on the movie too. Even Electro ends up having an arc as he undergoes some major transformations since the last time we saw him. A total of five villains appear in the movie (1 shy of the Sinister Six!!) but not every villain gets to have some proper justice in the movie.


Sandman & Lizard

All the villains that end up confronting Holland’s Spider-Man actually have an ending. They are all cured by the end even though it was a rather difficult process that required the help of all three of the Spider-Men. But it makes sense that not all the villains would get as much screentime as the other. Sandman and Lizard get the least amount of screentime and we don’t even see them having some major transformation upon traveling across the multiverse.


Thomas Haden Church’s Flint Mark/Sandman first made his appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3. The character was given a lot of development in the movie as he was shown to have connections with the person accused of Uncle Ben’s murder. He had actually escaped from the prison in order to get a chance to visit his sick daughter. But fleeing from the police led him to fall into an experimental particle accelerator that caused him to fuse with the surrounding sand. Later he is actually given a chance to confront Peter and thus clear his name from the false charges. Fans were actually wondering if we will see him appearing as a helping hand to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in No Way Home.


Rhys Ifans’ Lizard/ Curt Connors makes his appearance as the very first villain in The Amazing Spider-Man movies. The character actually ends up having a redeeming end in the movie as he was driven by a mad motive. This was mostly because of the continuous pressure he felt from Oscorp in order to find a solution for Norman Osborne’s disease. He was actually cured at the end of the movie but it seems that he was brought into the MCU in the middle of this process.


Villains of No Way Home

It makes absolute sense that the characters of some villains would not be given much attention over the others. But the two characters had a significant narrative that didn’t actually play any role in the movie. Even the actors were not made to return for the movie as they were just digitally placed in the movie from past shots of their appearance in their original movies. But the movie did give them closure by curing them and then sending them back to their universe.

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