How Army Of Thieves Impacts The Time Loop Theory of Army Of The Dead

Zack Snyder already started to set up a cinematic universe with his recent film Army Of The Dead. Snyder has previously helmed a zombie project and surely knows how to play with the genre. The movie was quite successful with fans of the genre and it played out very well with the movie coming out just around the pandemic. There were a versatile set of characters in the movie and now we have another movie that explored the narrative of one of the characters from the movie. This is no other than Matthias Schweighöfer’s Dieter in the movie Army Of Thieves. The movie is actually a prequel to the Army Of The Dead but it actually has other links too. Let’s see how the time loop theory of Army Of The Dead is affected by Army Of Thieves.

Army Of Thieves

Zack Snyder already holds the credit for his work in the DCEU that is also known as the Snyderverse because the path that DCEU has now taken has completely deflected from his original plans. We saw the last film in this universe with the last year’s Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But Snyder has already created another universe with his new Netflix project. He brought us Army Of The Dead with a huge cast of characters led by Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward. The movie did okay with the critics and the fans of zombie films. But Snyder didn’t quite stop here and has already produced another film, Army of Thieves in the same universe. Apart from being a prequel for the character of Dieter, there is another element that might be playing out something else entirely.


Time loop Theory of Army Of The Dead

There were a lot of references to the potential concept of time loop throughout the prequel as Dieter keeps giving religious anecdotes based around the Götterdämmerung safe he’s tasked to crack. Around the end of Army Of The Dead, we get to see the team arrive at the vault in the basement of the Casino. But there lay various bodies around them in the hallway wearing quite similar clothes and gear to the team.

Time loop theory of Army Of The Dead

Upon looking at these Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe says:

…is it another team, or is it us, Dieter? Think about it. Us. I mean, look at them. It’s us. It could be us in another timeline, and we’re caught in some infinite loop of fighting and dying, fighting and dying, fighting and dying. And Tanaka… the puppet master. Devil. God. And we, you, me, Guz, and the rest of the team, simply pawns in some perverse play where we’re destined to repeat our failures. And finally, in some mind-bending, ironic reveal… it all begins again.


The Time Loop Theory In Army Of Thieves

There has to be a reason why a movie about zombie-infested Las Vegas would have a prequel about a team of people who do heists and crack a unique set of safes. The movie does expand upon the mythology surrounding the safes along with introducing to all four of Hans Wagner’s safes named Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, the Siegfried, and the Götterdämmerung all owned by Bly Tanaka. There is a certain mystery surrounding these safes with Dieter describing the Götterdämmerung as “a doorway to another dimension”. 


Time loop theory of Army Of The Dead

The movie shows Dieter having various dreams surrounding his fate of being surrounded by zombies that we saw in Army Of The Dead. Last amongst these dreams saw him in front of a safe in Las Vegas as he is backed up by the door and suddenly grabbed by a zombie’s hand. Upon waking up and telling the others about it, Korina suggests:

Maybe they’re prophesies, not dreams. Maybe you saw your own death. Or maybe simply your psyche’s manifestations of your own self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. You know you should be that big tough man. Be able to fight them. And yet again and again they just destroy you.


And this does come true considering the dreams do resemble the way Dieter ends up dying in Army Of The Dead. Does this mean there is a lot more to this theory than we got to see in the movie? Only future projects set in this universe will be able to answer this question correctly. Vanderohe’s narrative hasn’t ended yet considering Snyder said the character “saw something” during the zombie war that changed him and this story might be explored in the Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas anime series.


Snyder has also teased more “time loop fun” in the upcoming Planet Of The Dead by saying, “I can’t wait to make the sequel to Army of the Dead so that we can see how then all of those things manifest.” So, let’s see what that brings to the table.

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