Who Killed Armand Duquesne in Hawkeye Episode 1?

Hawkeye has perfectly set up the character of Kate Bishop into the MCU while making sure that it doesn’t invest a lot of time on that. We got to see a lot of the character in the first episode and definitely indicated that the underlying plot will be set around her and not Clint Barton. While there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding her family as her mother and her associations don’t appear to be clear in the first two episodes. One of the major characters, introduced in the very first episode alongside Kate Bishop already stands as a rather interesting candidate for the prime antagonist for the series. Fans are wondering who killed Armand Duquesne in the Hawkeye Episode 1.

Spoilers for the first two episodes of Hawkeye follow.

Hawkeye Episode 1

The first episode ends with a major event that involves the death of Armand Duquesne, played by Simon Callow, who is the uncle of Jacques Duquesne, played by Tony Dalton. Kate discovers the body when she goes to investigate the house and finds him lying dead on the floor with a blood-drenched wound. She met the character earlier during the charity auction party she had attended with her mother Eleanor, played by Vera Farmiga.


It is here that Armand tells her that Eleanor and Jacques are engaged and they are preparing for their wedding ceremony. Armand primarily focuses on letting her know that he himself disapproves of his nephew’s relationship. He even mentions:

Beleive me, I’ve done everything in my power to talk him out of it. But when he gest something set in that little mind of his, he can be quite determined.


Who Killed Armand Duquesne

A bit later into the episode we find Kate overhearing an argument that takes place between Armand and Eleanor where he keeps on warning her. He even mentions that he has contacts in high places that he might be forced to ask for(Kingpin??!!). When Kate asks her mother what that argument was about, the latter clearly tries to hide something and this makes us wonder what might be up behind all this.


Kate takes things into her own hands and follows Armand to a Wine Cellar where there’s a secret auction of sorts taking place. Here we see the tension that exists between Armand and Jacques as the latter indicates that he will inherit his uncle’s worth anyway. They end up having a bidding war for Ronin’s sword, which goes for Ronin’s attraction towards swords that comes out in the second episode. Jacques does end up taking the sword when the goons attack the auction.


Did Jacques Duquesne Kill Armand?

All these events give us a fair amount of ideas regarding who might be the possible killer and who has the most to gain. Jacques Duquesne is a character based on the comics who is also known as the Swordsman, which might explain his attraction to swords in the series. Armand Duquesne is also a character from the comics but he is the father of Jacques here. Both of them meet their demise and in the comics, he is killed by his servant with a sword.


The character is closely set up around Hawkeye in the comics and this is what has fans believe that he might actually be the villain in this narrative. In the comics, Jacques is the character who initially trains Clint Barton in archery as the former excels in knives, swords, and other blades. Throughout the second episode, the character acts rather suspicious as he also has one of the monogrammed butterscotch toffees that Kate had seen earlier when she was at Armand’s house.


But another thing that we might be forgetting is that Eleanor’s character also has a certain amount of mystery in it as we are not clearly told anything about her motivations. From the very first argument, she was having with her father to the argument with Armand. It would seem very obvious to introduce a character like Jacques and make him the villain and Marvel is known for being smart with its narrative (Loki!!). There is a clear chance that she might have killed Armand with one of the swords and she might have her own plans yet to be discussed in the series.

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