House Of The Dragon Might Make GOT’s Direwolf Mistake Even Worse

Game Of Thrones has to be one of the most massive television events of the decade. The series was able to make a massive impact on its audience. It has ensured the opportunity of being able to earn some of the most important awards and recognition for the cast of the series too. HBO has always been able to make some of the greatest shows over the years. The series was based on the Song of Ice and Fire books by George RR Martin. Often the seasons of the series came out in parallel with the book but near the series deflected and made their own journey without the books. The showrunners David Benioff and D B Weiss had to sacrifice a lot from the books in order to make the entire concept as a TV Show. The success of the show has allowed HBO to work on a prequel series named House of the Dragon. Here’s a look at how House Of The Dragon might end up worsening the issue with the Direwolf in Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones had to make a lot of changes to the material from the book in order to get it adapted for a small screen audience. But while some changes were quite an improvement for the show others did not work as well. This was merely an attempt at condensing the massive storylines of the books. Some of the most essential changes include Dorne’s storyline being completely destroyed while some of the great characters like Strong Belwas and Val are not even brought into the series. At the same time, some of the improvements made have to include Hardhome becoming one of the most essential action sequences in the history of the smalls screen. Even the Red Wedding was executed absolutely brilliantly.


Problem With The Direwolves

For all the changes, the direwolves issue remains the worst one. The direwolves first appear in the pilot of the show and then also appear at the very end of the show too. This is just an indication of the importance of these characters. But everything in the middle of the show regarding them was an absolute mess considering they lacked meaning and value for being present on the screen.


House of the Dragon

The primary reasons for was considered to be the expensive and difficulties that were faced in bringing these characters to life. The CGI required to execute them properly is absolutely complex. That is true because of the fact that these creatures are based on real animals. But then we also saw that the show increased its budget with each season. It was quite apparent with the way the dragons were executed for the show that the later budgets were quite high and it makes no sense that the direwolves were still left out for the show.


House Of The Dragon

House of the Dragon will be based around 170 years before the events of the original series. The major focus of the show will be on the House Targaryen when it was at the height of its power. This series might have an impact on the original and might be able to tend to some of the plotholes that were left off by the series. It can actually reshape certain plots developments and certain character arcs.



The series is planning to have 17 dragons appear for the show. This looks like an incredible feat and reminds me of the issue with the direwolves from the original show. This will take a massive amount of time and effort considering a massive amount of attention has to be given to make each dragon have a unique appearance and persona. This only goes to prove that these dragons must have some essential presence in respect to the characters of the series.


Maybe House of the Dragon will be able to pull off having scenes involving multiple of these dragons appear together on screen. But it still makes us wonder how different Game Of Thrones would have been if they paid more attention to the characters of Ghost, Nymeria, and Summer in action.

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