7 Most Terrible Wonder Woman 1984 Plot Holes

Wonder Woman 1984 Plot Holes:

If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman 1984, we warn you about some serious spoilers. Available for streaming on HBO Max and to view in theatres, Wonder Woman 1984 was released on December 25, 2020, and kicked off Warner Bros.’s plan of releasing their entire 2021 slate on HBO max for streaming, alongside a release in theatres as well. Wonder Woman 1984 successfully help HBO Max gain millions of subscribers. Where Disney+ releases Soul and saw a 13 percent increment in their subscribers, Wonder Woman 1984 won this competition for HBO Max as they gained almost 23 percent of new subscribers. Reviews are mixed, and the audience, in general, is not happy with the movie. Opposing the initial reviews that called Wonder Woman 1984 a great sequel to Wonder Woman (2017), it didn’t take long enough for Wonder Woman 1984 to fall down the list. The said movie even became the lowest-rated movie by DC ever released. But despite this, just two days after the release, Wonder Woman 3 was announced as well.

Here are some serious plot holes of Wonder Woman 1984 that we couldn’t help but lay them out on the table for you:

Diana’s Power of Flight

In Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, we see Diana flying. But Jenkins backtracked Zack Snyder. Diana is back to leaping whereas from flying, and that just makes everything inconsistent. In Wonder Woman she was seen flying after Ares, and now she is back to leaping. This seems to be done for plot convenience, all to give them a romantic, sentimental bonding moment, even after it appeared that Diana figured out the secret of flight during her battle with the God of War.

Steve’s Body Transference

This problem goes in two ways. Firstly, when Diana wants to board a plane to go to Egypt to track Max down, she says it’ll be hard to do so as Steve doesn’t have a passport. The problem is, he’s another man’s body, and the only person seeing Steve is Diana. Also, Diana has no problem with Steve stealing a body, and more so, a life — evidenced by her not wanting to wish Steve away in a very cruel, unheroic arc where she doesn’t consider the victim and the invasion of his privacy.

The Surveillance Trick

Batman vs Superman tried to model Wonder Woman as a ghost. But then why is she seen running around the streets, fighting in the White House, stealing a military jet, and also disabling security cameras with her tiara in the shopping mall? She even has a security system of her own, so it makes no sense to fool ourselves into thinking the authorities had no evidence of her existence.

The White House Assault

When Diana and Steve realize that Maxwell Lord is in the White House convincing the President to give him power, both head to the Oval Office, and obviously, a massive brawl breaks out. But after the battle, they walk it off as nothing happened and leave the office. They exit the office, and no one follows, even though the agents are still in the name of Max and there are no repercussions. Also, how was Barbara able to find where they were? It’s not like the movie showed her ability to rack people whatsoever, but she does it anyway when she becomes Cheetah.

The Golden Eagle Armour

When Diana wished for Steve’s return, she started losing her godhood. Steve realizes that Diana is not immortal anymore, is bleeding, and is losing her godhood, so it makes sense for her to wear the armor of legend at this point. But she only wears it once Steve is sent back to the afterlife, and she is a god again. Why didn’t she pull it out when she was fighting against Maxwell’s army. The suit is bulletproof and would have definitely helped her fight the battle with much greater ease.

Barbara’s Electrocution

Wonder Woman 1984

Towards the end where Wonder Woman and CHeetah fight at a government facility, they fall into a reservoir, and Wonder Woman makes a shocking choice to use live electric cables to knock Barb out. Now, what matters here is that what Diana chose to do could have straight up killed Cheetah. Even if Diana was knocked out as well, that’s a huge gamble as she wouldn’t have been able to leap out the water in time with an incapacitated Barb. But then also, we see Cheetah swinging around with the same cables, and it looked like the writers decided to suspend physics there for a while.

Max’s Son Making Wishes

Maxwell’s son, early on, makes his one wish to be as great as his dad at the office. But then, in the end, we see Maxwell’s son Alastair making a wish to be reunited with his father after Max broadcasted the sinister intentions to the world. Coupling this with Diana using her lasso to make everyone see the truth, love, and compassion in life, Max makes a u-turn from his cruel intentions. But in the first place, Alastair shouldn’t have been able to make a second wish.

What other plot holes can you think of? Let us know in the comments.

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