10 Most Powerful Characters Who Haven’t Appeared In The MCU Yet

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has not stopped expanding its horizons, adding more and more characters to its roster and laying the groundwork for future characters. There are some of the most powerful characters whose powers are beyond your imagination.

Being based on Marvel Comics with such an extensive range of characters, MCU has been a never-ending roller coaster so far and plans to be so. Especially, after Endgame, and the start of Phase 4 after Spider-Man: Far From Home, it has either introduced new characters (like Kang and Immortus) or dropped hints for future introduction (like the Fantastic Four). The future holds great and powerful superheroes like the never seen before Eternals and Shang-Chi, and we are eagerly waiting for them.

While we look forward to Phase 4, here we have made a list of the most powerful characters who are still to debut in the MCU. Do share your views in the comments below:

10. The son of Mr. Fantastic – FRANKLIN RICHARDS

Most Powerful Characters

The Studios revealed that Fantastic Four is going to be introduced in the MCU in the upcoming years and with them, comes the son of Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic) and Susan Storm (aka Invisible Girl). He is born with the reality-warping powers of astral projection and telekinesis. Although his appearance may not be there in the first installment of the franchise with his parents, it will be much anticipated in further productions. In addition to Franklin, his little sister Valeria Richards may accompany him too. And, they would make a great addition to the team of Young Avengers, don’t you think?!

9. HERCULES- The Olympian

Thor is not the only character taken from ancient mythology, Hercules is an Avenger and an Olympian based on the Heracles from Greek Mythology. Introduced as a minion of Immortus and as a rival to the Thunder God, he was later included in the Avengers. He found Avengers as his home when he was exiled from Mt. Olympia by his father and the Great God, Zeus.

Hercules’ powers, including super-strength and immortality, made him a great ally to the Avengers. But his recent rebirth alongside all the Olympians gave him a cosmic upgrade that can make him a formidable villain in the future. However he may be, a hero or a villain, he will be admired by his fans.


If you saw the post-credits of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’, you would have noticed a golden cocoon that teased a new character in the GotG roster, Adam Warlock. Even though he is not officially name-teased yet, he is expected to be featured in the franchise’s third movie.

To be featured in the comics as the Avatar of Life (Contrary to Thanos’ Avatar of Death), he has died and reborn various times making him one of the strongest characters in the upcoming movies. His powers, including cosmic awareness, psionic abilities, and super-strength, make him yet another character to wield the Infinity Gauntlet. He became an important member of the comics when he bonded with the soul stone.

7. Praetor of the Imperial Guard- The GLADIATOR

After the introduction of alien races like the Kree and the Skrulls, the next one in line may be the Strontians and its Shi’ar Empire. Being closer to the X-Men universe, they were never introduced or teased before but after Disney purchased the character rights back from the 20th Century Fox, they may be introduced shortly. This Shi’ar empire had its own super team of guardians, well-known as the Imperial Guard, led by the Gladiator. He is a Strontian which is a race of creatures with great strength and a wide spectrum of powers depending on their confidence level. He was a member of both the Annihilators and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

6. An all-powerful Android From the Future – MICHAEL KORVAC

A well-known character from the ‘The Korvac Saga‘ and ‘The Books of Korvac’, Michael Korvac has proven his villainous intentions to obtain god-like cosmic powers quite dangerously, both to the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. His body is half android and half-human, making him a cyborg.

When the alien Badook conquers the Sol System, Korvac serves as his collaborator and betrays the humans to serve Badook. He was punished for sleeping on a machine by Badook who in turn made him a cyborg. He is then used by the Grandmaster as a time-traveling pawn to fight Doctor Strange and the Defenders.

5. The Herald of the Devourer of Worlds – Silver Surfer

The introduction of the Fantastic Four brings the possibility of yet another character in the MCU roster, the Silver Surfer. And with him, comes the inevitable threat of Galactus, the Devourer of the Worlds. Silver Surfer serves as the herald of Galactus and consumes planets for him. But in the end, he fought and won his freedom. Surprisingly, he retains his powers, the Power Cosmic, and uses them for the benefit of humans. He serves as the Sentinel of the Spaceway, which will be useful in the future multiverse.

4. The Leader of the X-Men – PROFESSOR X

Most Powerful Characters

Since Disney bought the X-Men character rights from 20th Century Fox, fans have been waiting for the arrival of X-Men eagerly. Though nothing has been teased yet, some of the mutants will surely come across in our way after the creation of the multiverse. The leader of this team, the Infamous Professor Charles Xavier, a telepath, and his frenemy, Erik Lensherr aka Magneto, will be the main focus of this franchise as they recruit and train the team of the very first X-men.

3. Mention from Another Dimension- The BEYONDER

The Beyonder is a cosmic character who used superheroes and villains as his pawns. He created a new planet, Battleworld, and as the name suggests, it was used to pit the heroes and villains against each other, or as we can say the Good v. Evil forces opposite each other. He really gives you the grandmaster vibes, doesn’t he?! While he is just a psychopath with freaky desires, more versions of him across the Multiverse (which is now open to endless characters, thanks to Sylvie!) are there to do more than just arise a conflict between good and evil and release the Armageddon.

2. Two-in-One – The SENTRY

The Good and Dangerous packed in one – The SENTRY (or The VOID). Risen from the Dead not so long ago, he has been around since before the modern array of superheroes, The Sentry is one of the most powerful beings on the good side. He hasn’t been mentioned yet as he was erased from all history by his enemies. However, his alter ego, The Void is trying to unleash all the evil that the Sentry sought to finish. His alter ego kept him from greatness and because of the Void, the Avengers had to seek backup plans in case the Void comes out. Despite all this, he made a great ally to the New Avengers.

1. The Devil Himself – MEPHISTO

Since the teasing of the WandaVision, viewers have been looking forward to meeting the MCU Devil – Mephisto. Even though constant hints have been dropped, there is still no telling when will the Devil show himself. Everyone has their theories as to how will Mephisto present himself, as Mr. Sparky or as the reincarnation of Wanda’s twins. However he may introduce himself, it will be absolutely worth it as no other character has been as awaited as Mephisto and there is no other character who deserves the first spot in this list.

These are the most powerful characters of the Marvel universe who should appear in the MCU soon. Which of them would you like to see first?

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