10 Extremely Weird Superpowers of The Venom Suit You Never Knew

The Symbiote from another planet is one of Spiderman’s greatest arch-nemesis. After Spiderman rejects the Symbiote, it latches on to Eddie Brock and the rest is history. Apart from the standard spidey powers, an all-new black suit, and the obvious jagged teeth, there is a lot of the Venom Symbiote that most fans do not know of. Some are so whacky and weird that we still can’t figure out if the writers were sober enough while penning the story. Presenting the 10 extremely weird superpowers of Venom you never knew….

10. Immune to the Spider-Sense

The Spider-Sense is a limited precognitive ability of Peter Parker that allows him to sense impending danger. This ability has allowed him to dodge gunfire and threats that would have been fatal if hadn’t been forewarned. Since the Venom Symbiote was once part of Spiderman, it and its off springs are immune to the Spider-Sense.

9. His hatred for Spiderman makes him stronger

There’s a reason the Symbiote chose Eddie Brock and not some other guy to be its next host. Peter Parker is the only guy ever to reject the Symbiote and its powers. Eddie Brock also hated the guts of Peter Parker. Their mutual hatred for the Web-slinger was the reason Eddie became Venom. The Symbiote now feeds off the adrenaline produced from Eddie’s body whenever he sees anything even remotely connected to Spiderman, making Venom stronger than ever.

8. Can adapt itself to any environment

In one issue, Venom and Spiderman are fighting when both plunge into the water. While Peter tries his best to hold his breath, Venom has no problem trading fists underwater as well. Turns out, the Venom Symbiote can adapt to any environment to keep its host alive. As long as there is oxygen to extract, the suit makes the wearer unkillable.

7. It reproduces asexually

The Venom Symbiote is a bit too fond of itself. Unlike human beings, it only takes a single Symbiote to reproduce. But the frequency with which it does has led to several other Symbiote-based superheroes and villain popping up in the Marvel Universe. One such result was Carnage. Cletus Kasady, a serial killer, becomes Carnage and goes on to kill a lot of people with his Symbiote superpowers.

6. It really does have a Venomous bite

Those teeth you see aren’t just for show. The name Venom isn’t just for show either. Turns out, the Venom Symbiote gave Eddie Brock those predatory teeth not only to strike fear but also to serve as a venomous advantage. When Venom bites Sandman, the latter is unable to maintain form and is quickly dispatched.

5. It has telepathic powers

After the Symbiote broke off from Peter Parker, how did he inform Eddie Brock of Spiderman’s secret identity? The answer is – Telepathy. The Venom Symbiote can communicate with its host through a telepathic connection. This connection not only makes the host immune to all forms of mystical and psychic attacks but also makes Eddie Brock immune to Ghost Rider’s Penance Stare (one of the only beings in the whole universe who could do so).

4. It needs Chocolate to survive

Venom has a peculiar side effect to the symbiotic relationship. The Symbiote craves Chocolate to survive and add to its strength. The Symbiote craves chocolate in the same way human beings do. Chocolate has a chemical called Phenethylamine that regulates emotions and heightens brain functions. Better a chocolate than a human brain.

3. It can create weapons of itself

The Venom Symbiote bonded with Peter Parker and Peter never ever relied on Web cartridges to shoot webs during that time. The Symbiote replaced those cartridges by shooting parts of itself into the air to double as webbing. But the Venom Symbiote’s abilities do not end there. It can use its own body to create large weaponry like melee weapons or bladed objects to fight off anything that gets in its way.

2. Can literally travel online

When Venom finds out that there was a video game based on him, he decides to make the guys who play it pay. Carnage had been killing people off who were playing a video game based on him already, so he jumped on the online killer bandwagon. The explanation was that the Symbiote can transfer its consciousness over the internet. But no explanation could help us not laugh at this ridiculous skill set.

 1. Can turn into a car

Agent Venom is trying to chase down a band of thugs who have just escaped by using a getaway car. So Venom, instead of using his web-slinging ability to try and chase them down, opts for trying to ‘hijack’ a nearby rusty old car instead. What is more interesting is that the Symbiote can take over an inorganic matter as well. Can Venom take over, say, the Iron Man Armor or maybe the Shield Helicarrier???


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