5 Shocking Origin Stories Of Popular Superheroes

When Superheroes been around enough fans get to wonders where they came from, how did they get their fabulous secret powers? Comic creators are usually more than happy to answer those questions in origin stories. Here are 5 Shocking Origin Stories Of Popular Superheroes

1) Winter Soldier

5 Shocking Origin Stories Of Popular Superheroes

James Buchanan Barnes has had quite a journey he starts his comic life is Captain America’s youthful character as “Bucky.” But his airplane explodes during World War II and he is presumed to be dead. However, it was eventually revealed that he was found by a Soviet Russian submarine patrol nearly dead and missing an arm. The patrol turns Barnes over to a scientist in the USSR, and he was resuscitated given a bionic arm and turns into a deadly black assassin.

2) Green Arrow

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DC’s beloved Green Arrow began life as a fairly copy of Batman complete with an arrow signal and a narrow cave, but over the year’s he evolved into a conscientious conflicted hero concerned with the environment and the plight of the poor and disadvantaged. Through the years there have been several retellings of Oliver Queen’s dramatic transformation from rich socialite into the Emerald Archer.

3) Scarlet Witch


Marvel source wrist known as the Scarlet Witch has had no less than three origin stories, the first one was Fairly Mundane, she was the daughter of another superhero, but the other two are a bit more interesting and Maximus best-known origin story she’s the unwitting daughter of Magneto raised in exile by foster parents after Magneto’s wife fled without telling him of her pregnancy. She was born ordinary but kidnapped and altered by the mysterious High Evolutionary.

4) Cable


The son of X-men Cyclops and Jean Grey, Nathan Summers was born with telepathic and telekinetic powers but is stolen from the present to be raised in a potential future timeline. This includes 12 years stretch where he’s raised by characters who later turned out to be versions of Cyclops and Jean Grey.

5) Wolverine


The world is rare kind of the original Wolverine, a natural mutant Logan is gifted with extraordinary healing powers and retractable bone claws. Logan is born in the eighteen eighties after a difficult adolescence.

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