7 Things to Learn from Monica Geller

The Geller girl from our favorite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. has a lot of things to teach which each one of us needs to adopt, having seen each episode multiple times have we ever pondered upon these little habits beneficial for us:

1)  Do It With Passion Or Not At All


Whether it is hosting a party or organizing the music records, the Geller girl does everything with all of her passion and enthusiasm. She definitely defines passion passionately.

2)  The Fine Line Between Being Mean And Straight Forward


And she says it all that her heart and mind holds, whether good or bad. She doesn’t hesitate in choosing a hell lot of money over her friends in a lottery game, and yes babe! You need guts to be like her.

3)  Our Future Depends On Our Actions Of Today


She did everything with planning and vigilance (also keeping in mind all that can go wrong). Whether it was Richard or Bing she needed assurance of her future.

4)  Always Desire To Learn Something Useful


The little sister was a keen learner, whether it was about cooking or taking a dance class, or an English class to accompany, she never said no to learning. And yes she made it clear never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

5)  A Clean Home Is A Happy Home


This one doesn’t require much explanation, it is quite impossible to talk about Monica and not mention her obsessive- compulsive cleaning habits. And you can’t turn her on by messing up the surroundings.

6)  Better Three Hours Early Than A Minute Late


Watching Phoebe’s rehearsal dinner and pre-wedding dramas one could easily settle with Monica’s military habits and strictness with time. And not to forget timely love making sessions for the baby.

7)  If You Have Crazy Friends You Have Everything


Each one of them described what friends are for, whether it is accommodating your rich spoiled broke friend or preparing thanksgiving dinner, whether it was little motivation to lose weight or get you out of futureless relationships, she has been there for them! Always and forever!

Simran Agarwal

Simran Agarwal, a young adult, loves to express her emotions through words. She is passionate about music and loves to make friends. Poems and poetry is something her soul connects with. Dancing like nobody else is watching you is her way of living. She believes in carrying yourself with a smile on your face and dreams in your heart and you are on the path of success.
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