11 Mysterious Game of Thrones Cities That Were Mentioned But Never Made an Appearance

While we love the characters, the storyline, the blood and gore, the violence and use of sexuality as a plot driver in Game of Thrones, the one thing that sets the entire franchise apart from the rest of equally acclaimed shows is its fantabulous world building. There comes seldom a TV Show that builds up its version of the story world down to such minuscule details. One of the great aspects of Game of Thrones is that many of the places that the Game of Thrones Universe boasts of do not even play a majority role in the storyline. They are just there adding to the overall exotic nature of a universe seeped in mystery and enigma. Many of them are left unexplored in the show and not even the books make as much effort to shine some light onto them. Presenting – 11 Mysterious Game of Thrones Cities that were mentioned but never made an appearance!

 11. Qohor

Game of Thrones Cities

Qohor is located between the Dothrak Grasslands and the City of Pentos. The city of Qohor is famous for one and one thing only – Weapon manufacturing. Qohorians are known for their renowned skills as blacksmiths and they have become so popular in Westeros that one of their own kind, a Qohorian named Tobho Mott, was sought by even the Kings and Queens of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros to forge weapons for them. Tobho Mott would easily go on to become Westeros’ greatest blacksmith. It was under his mentorship that Gendry Baratheon, the current Lord of the Storm Lands, was discovered by Ned Stark. Another important fact about the Qohorians is that they are now the only people in the whole world that know how to craft swords out of Valyrian Steel.

 10. Ib

Game of Thrones Cities

Ib is an island nation that lies in the northeastern waters above Essos, within the Shivering Sea. Euron Greyjoy claims Ib to be a land of sailors that are “short, thick and hairy”. The Ibbenese are known to make extremely sturdy ships called Ibbenese whaling ships that are strong enough to take a hit from leviathans, the largest creatures of the Game of Thrones Universe. The only known city within the Kingdom of Ib is the Port of Ibben. Ibben forbids travellers who seek to explore their lands from travelling further in. The most you can get to is the Port of Ibben. Outsiders are not allowed into other cities. They themselves travel far and wide though. Ibbenese ships can be seen in the Free Cities and even in White Harbour to the North. They also make periodic journeys to the Summer Isles near Sothoryos.

 9. Tyrosh

Game of Thrones Cities

Tyrosh is known for two things – there world-renowned Pear Brandy, the recipe of which is still a secret and top notch mercenaries for hire. Ser Barristan Selmy once mentioned that the first man he ever killed was of Tyroshi origin. Daario Naharis, leader of the Second Sons – a mercenary army that serves Daenerys Targaryen, is also from Tyrosh. The City lies within one of the Step-stone islands in Narrow Sea and its strategic location between two warring cities – Lys and Myr, two rich Free Cities locked in eternal conflict over the Disputed Lands, brings in a lot of revenue for the Tyroshi people, who make a killing out of acting as mercenaries for various roles.

 8. Lorath

Game of Thrones Cities

Located very close to Braavos, the most powerful Free City in existence, Lorath has always been treated as the neglected little brother. This has affected its position in terms of trade and military power. Located in northern Essos, Lorath is the least powerful of all the free Cities and very little is known about its culture. Lorath is famous for its prostitutes and brothels. Their exotic accents make for fine bed-maidens. The only known Lorathi in the game of Thrones TV Show was Shae, whose very accent was the reason Cersei Lannister could realize that Shae was from Lorath. One of Cersei’s handmaidens was also Lorathi in the show.

 7. Myr

Game of Thrones Cities

The city of Myr is located near the Sea of Myrth, a hub of trade and commerce. T is a Free City of Essos. Each Free City was once a foothold of the Valyrian Freehold. After the Essosi Kingdom of Valyria met its end after the Valyrian Doom, the Free Cities declared their independence. Myr’s strategic location was so lucrative that Volantis, a powerful free City, decided it was best to invade and control it to control the nerve centre of trade between Essos and Westeros. Myr soon regained back its independence from Volantis and remains a Free City to this day. Myr is famous for its bustling trade relationships with almost the entire world. The commodity that is strictly a Myrish trademark is the Myrish Lace, which is their biggest export.

 6. Lys

Game of Thrones Cities

Lys is a Free City that is also famous for its pleasure houses like Lorath, but its name is more prominent than Lorath when it comes to carnal pleasures. Lys has been in an Eternal war with Myr over the control of the Disputed Lands, within which Tyrosh is located. Lys is famous for its prostitutes, which are professionally trained to provide the best ‘service’ to its customers. It is a very rich city that has been the birthplace of several important characters in the Game of Thrones lore like Varys, who was born as a slave and travelled with a bunch of actors hailing from different Essosi cities before he travelled to Westeros to earn a name for himself. Infamous pirate Salladhor Saan and Daenerys’ handmaiden Doreah also hail from Lys.

 5. Basilisk Isles

Game of Thrones Cities

Called a Bandit’s paradise, the Basilisk isles are a group of islands that are a haven from criminals and pirates. Staying in the Basilisk Isles will mean almost certain death if you do not know the tricks of survival. If the bloodthirsty inhabitants of the isles do not kill you, the several deadly diseases and parasites the islands are riddled with surely will. The Basilisk Isles are located just above the southern continent of Sothoryos and is home to a mysterious Toad God made completely of Black Stone.

 4. Summer Islands

Game of Thrones Cities

The Summer Islands holds a population that is culturally diverse from the rest of the people of Westeros and Essos. The people of the Summer Islands were the most colorful clothes ever, made up of different tropical bird feathers. The Summer Islands are located in the Summer Sea and are a sweet and soft target for pirates and raiders from the Basilisk Isles, who come there to capture Summer Islanders that are then sold to the slave market. The people from the Summer Islands are known for their knack for trade and engage in extensive trade through shipping. They have a huge mercantile fleet of ships. Grey Worm, leader of the Unsullied Army, is a Summer Islander.

 3. Asshai

Game of Thrones Cities

The City of Asshai is probably the greatest enigma in the Game of Thrones universe. It has a language that is so exotic that many have not even heard anyone speaking it. Many claim that the Asshai language is the words used in all magical spells. It is located the southeastern corner of Essos. Asshai lies on the exterior borderline territory of another mysterious location called – the Shadowlands. The people of Asshai are known to be powerful magic users and openly worship the Lord of light. The Red Woman Melisandre hails from the City of Asshai. Quaith, the shadow binder that Jorah Mormont met in Qarth is also an Asshai’i.

 2. Yi Ti

Game of Thrones Cities

The Kingdom of Yi Ti is the oldest civilization in the Game of Thrones Universe, said to have been established 6000 years ago, which makes them even older than the Valyrian Freehold. Yi Ti is situated on the eastern boundary of Essos and almost no one knows about its people and the culture. The Golden Empire of Yi Ti is ruled by a group of Emperors that are identified by the color of their clothes, who are themselves subject to the control of the Azure Emperor. The Royalty in Yi Ti live in houses made of solid gold and eat meat powdered with pearls and jade. Even a ruined city of Yi Ti is said to be bigger than any Westerosi city at its peak.

 1. Naath

Game of Thrones Cities

The Island of Naath is home to a people that worship the Lord of Harmony. Their religion prevents them from hurting any living thing, even their own enemies. This makes them the ultimate pacifists. This also makes them soft targets for pirates from the Basilisk Isles that regularly raid Naath and kidnap people to be sold as slaves. Naath is home to a deadly disease called the butterfly fever, something only a native of the island is immune to. This makes Naath extremely difficult to invade and conquer. Missandei hails from the Island of Naath.

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