Here’s The Reason Why X-23 Is On The Run In Logan

Logan introduces new characters that play pivotal roles in the upcoming film. In the trailer for Logan, Donald Pierce and The Reavers are seen chasing  Wolverine, Professor X and the young mutant named Laura aka X-23. The real reason for the chase is never commented on except the presumption(from the actions) that X-23 is trying to get away from these men.

Logan: The Real Why Reason X-23 Is On The Run

In the comics, Donald Pierce and the Reavers have a great hate for mutants. And the group go to great lengths, trying to destroy the mutant team known as the X-Men. They do not have a great relationship with Wolverine either. That hatred seems to be mirrored in the last Wolverine film, and if you watch the trailer, Pierce and his gang do not have many qualms with the mutant unless it involved Laura. recently sat down with the actor Boyd Holbrook, who plays the character of Donald Pierce and finally asked the question many were speculating over. Why are Pierce and the Reavers so hell bent on finding X-23?Holbrook said:

“It’s an asset.It’s a value. As much as I might admire and might have designed X-23 off of Logan, she is my property and I need that back because my job is at risk, finances is at risk, the health and well-being of a lot of people which is why I made this thing in the first place, so that’s why I need it back.”

Holbrook’s answer seems to go hand in hand with the speculation that X-23 had escaped from the facility, which many suspects to be Weapon X. It had been reported that the film, which is based in the future is a place where young mutants are kidnapped and experimented on to be trained into super soldiers. X-23, who is the clone of Wolverine, one of the prized success of Weapon X would no doubt be an important person to loose, if like in the comics, they had failed to clone a male Wolverine doppelganger.

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