Avengers: Endgame Shows The Problem With The First Thor Movie

The first Thor was surely one of the better origin stories of MCU. We got to witness some remarkable acting performances by Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Hiddleston.  But the film also had its flaws. After Thor’s battle on Jotunheim, we didn’t really get a memorable fight sequence. Thor was alive for over a thousand years. But in many ways, the film treated his age like he was a regular human. That’s the problem with the first Thor movie of MCU.

How could it take Odin over a thousand years to realize that his eldest son has grown into a brat? We were made to believe that Loki didn’t find out about his Jotun background for over a thousand years. The Thor movie was depicting a story of a millennium. A lot can change in such a long time. But the whole narrative of Thor felt like it could have happened within 25-30 years.

There are many things that didn’t make sense about Thor 1. We just took those things in stride and rolled with the suspension of disbelief. But the most important criticism that the film got was the span of Thor’s exile. Seeing that Thor had grown arrogant, Odin thought of teaching him a lesson. He did not want Thor to turn into another Hela.

So instead of imprisoning him, he took away his powers and his worthiness. But he also designed a failsafe. Thor could return to Asgard if he realized his mistake and proved to be worthy. And this self-actualization literally lasted less than 2 days. Within this span of time, Thor proved his worthiness, and he even fell in love with Jane. It was a typical fairy tale outcome.

Thor’s self-actualization would have felt a bit better if he spent some more time on Earth. Maybe a month or even a year would have been great. There is no way that Thor could have learned everything Odin wanted to teach him within just one day. And, Avengers: Endgame showed us the problem with the first Thor. We saw that Odin’s Exile didn’t really work in the long term.

Odin wanted Thor to become mentally strong and unbreakable, learn humility, and a true sense of leadership. Bravery, Altruism, Humility, and a good sense of leadership are what a King needs. Thor passed his worthiness test by ticking three of these four boxes when he sacrificed himself against the Destroyer. But he failed to be a good leader.

When he couldn’t stop Thanos, he saw himself as a failure and even thought that he wasn’t worthy anymore. He succumbed to depression and gained a lot of weight. And he was extremely surprised to see that he was still worthy during the time-heist. While this story arc of Thor learning from his failures was nice and unique, it still shows the ineffectiveness of Odin’s exile plan. But then again, Odin was right to punish Thor in the way he did. It’s just that the punishment didn’t last as long as it should have.

Thor was written in a way that required Thor to become worthy as soon as he did. But maybe that shouldn’t have been the case. This was the problem with the first Thor movie of MCU. Do you agree with it? Let us know in the comments.

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