• 6 Things that Make Men Attractive to Women

    Men always wanted to know what the things that women find attractive in men are. Though one cannot generalize the things that women like in men, but still more or less one can figure out those things. Not everything is in your control, but there are certain things that you can still change. Take a look at these 6 things…

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    7 Things That WE (Men & Women) Say VS What WE Actually Mean

    It is often said that girls are difficult to understand or that they are complicated, however, I strongly believe that we are an open book with lots of difficult chapters…(oops not that difficult though ). It’s really easy to understand us, all you need to be is…witty, trustworthy, honest, and supportive and there is a long list, which I can…

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  • Beautyhealthy skin

    7 Tips For Men’s Healthy Skin

    You must be thinking that these “beauty exercises” are just for the ladies and why a man needs to do this. Well, in today’s world, it is necessary. Dust, the sun, and other factors have made it important for men as well to take care of their skin. Even men dream of a beautiful skin and there is no wrong…

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    8 Things For Which a Man Must Spend a “Little Extra”

      You must love to shop every now and then which is good. But, there are a few things which should be bought with a little extra savings. You should buy a little expensive versions of these things as they are better when they are not cheap! Choose quality over quantity for these things and you will love it. Here…

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  • News6 Measures to Choose the Best Place for the First Date

    6 Measures to Choose the Best Place for the First Date

    You just met a wonderful girl and now you want more than just a one-night stand. You want to have a serious relationship with this girl.  You should ensure that your first date succeeds. There are some measures you should adopt for selecting the ‘PERFECT’ place for your first date Your first meeting should be brief, merriment, inexpensive and comforting.…

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