10 Shaving Myths Debunked

So let’s see, do you have sensitive skin, no money and a low resistance to pain when it comes to hair removal?

Well, same girl!
After deep contemplation and fits of doubt, I finally decided to take a brave step towards shaving. Yes, although it’s always seen in a bad light but trust me, it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to me and I’m not even kidding. But before telling you to give it a try, it’s important for me to separate fact from fiction for you:


1. Shaving Makes Your Hair Grow Back Thicker And Darker

NO, IT DOESN’T. That’s a mere illusion. It’s just that shaving doesn’t remove your hair from its roots like waxing or epilating does, therefore, when it grows back the hair might seem a bit harder as it is blunt towards the end. Your genetics and hormones determine hair growth. Certainly, it doesn’t grow back darker or thicker as there is no way that shaving your hair would change its texture from the inside.


2. Hair Grows Back Quicker.

As I mentioned above that shaving doesn’t remove the hair from the roots, then yes, it might/might not grow back quicker, depending upon your growth. But yes, it does grow back a bit quicker as compared to any other method of hair removal. Also, the underarm hair grows about 50% faster than the hair on your legs, so it’s naturally growing faster with or without shaving.


3. Shaving Makes Your Skin Itch.

Some body parts such as legs and underarms are prone to dryness which can irritate your skin and make it sore, thus, you need to take good care of yourself after shaving and during the process. Many women also complain about razor bumps, which can completely destroy the smooth look that one wishes to achieve. Razor bumps occur because the hair starts growing back into the skin, which then becomes inflamed, trapping the hair and forming an angry-looking red bump. To prevent this, one needs to keep the skin hydrated and completely moisturized. It is thus advised to use a good shaving cream along with an after shave or a moisturizer afterwards, which is of extreme importance. Also, shaving one spot over and over will irritate skin—fast. If you’re having trouble with rough spots or stubble, it’s a sign that you need a new razor.


4. A Tan Can Be Removed By Shaving.

There is absolutely no way that one can “shave off” their tan. Instead, it helps in exfoliating the skin as it removes the top layer that might be dead or flaky.


5. Shaving Causes Ingrown Hair.

Ingrown hair can be caused by any hair removal method be it waxing or shaving. The only thing that can prevent this is clean, exfoliated and healthy skin.


6. The Razor Blade Causes More Nicks And Cuts.

Shaving with an old, dull razor blade results in nicks and cuts. Another reason could be if one applies too much pressure or uses a single bladed razor. The key is to apply a light touch and try using a double/triple razor blade that is much more relaxing and gives you a closer shave.


7. Shaving Every Day Is Bad For Your Skin.

That’s not true at all. All you’ve got to take care is that you’re moisturizing well afterwards and not letting your skin dry out.
Many people have fast growing hair, in which case they might feel like shaving every day and it’s completely okay. In fact, it might prove great as it exfoliates your skin making it look and feel smoother.


8. Razors Should Be Stored In The Shower.

Razors need to be kept somewhere dry. They tend to remain wet in the shower and can be susceptible to bacteria growth and also rust.


9. Dry Shaving Is Ok If You’re In A Rush.


Not only wrong but unsafe also! Never try this. It will only cause you problems like irritation, dry and flaky skin. Water gives your skin moisture and support and without it, the process gets pretty messy and even a bloody procedure. (Pun intended.)


10. You Should Shave As Soon As You Get In The Shower.


You must relax and soften the hair before shaving, so make it the last thing on your shower to-do list. The warm water will further help smooth things up!
Here you go, a fast, cheap and a very convenient alternative for hair removal, which when done with the right method and blade can provide with the best results. You don’t have to wait for a month for your hair to grow back enough that you can go for a wax. You no longer have to cancel out your favorite outfits this summer simply because of some hair growing on your skin. You can simply shave it any day and anytime and you’re good to go. HAPPY SHAVING GIRLS!


Esha Kohli

She is an 18 year old aspiring writer. Currently studying literature at University of Delhi. When not busy writing instagram blogs, she's either trying to polish her singing skills or discovering new creative stuff on youtube. Her only motto for life is to : NEVER GIVE UP.
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