Pretty You: 4 Things to Relish Your Unique Beauty

Markets nowadays are flooded with the diverse variety of fashion products especially for girls from fairness creams to body shapers. The fashion society has set certain lines of looking beautiful, featuring desirable height as 6 feet, the accurate figure is 36’24’36 and  with many more specifications…which has captured the minds so strongly that everybody has joined the race of looking attractive. Look in no sense I am saying that it is not nice to look good, in fact, girls it’s our birth right to be beautiful but to be beautiful as we are and not as someone other told to be or just to fit in somewhere or due to peer pressure or something.

No Idolizing


The truth is that girls like to dress more or are expected to do more. From a young age, girls start idolizing Barbie as the standard for beauty and then there are models, celebrities, magazines, TV which serves as the standard for beauty. Girls then became conscious of beauty products which make you look good but costs very high.

Don’t Run After Unrealistic And Unattainable Goals


Media tells great information about how to be in shape, how to look good and now we know what beautiful is(according to media) slim yet curvy body with ideal features like big eyes, small nose, large lips, fair skin and fashionable clothes. But isn’t it like wearing a mask and excuse me, ladies!!! We are not clones. Everyone is born differently and beautifully.

Don’t Be Obsessed With White Shade


All colors are beautiful and worth celebrating but when it comes to your skin color….. Girls please please please don’t act as if white tone marks beauty. Whichever your skin tone is- accept it, embrace it and look gorgeous.

No One Can Sell You Beauty


If you know who you are then-  accept it and feel proud of yourself. The kind of beauty you are no one can sell. Work on yourself but not artificially. Be happy and remember if you are happy from inside your beauty will reflect outside.

So I would conclude that outer beauty and inner beauty it counts only if it affects you. There’s just one thing that you should accept what you are and no one else has the right to judge you. 😉

Shraddha Bareja

Shraddha Bareja is an observer. No she isn't glued to tv screen but a hard-core reader and detest fakeness. Writing is her medium of expression and escape. Her life is surrounded by smiles and food. Dramatist, traveller and a lover of life.
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