Top 5 Female Celebs With Hottest Butts

Things are easily noticeable in the glamorous industry of Hollywood and celebs are the show stealers of the industry, especially women. One thing that catches everybody’s eyes is the outfit worn by the female celebrities. Watch with eyes wide open is a natural reaction that we give when we see women in a fascinating and revealing outfit. What do we check out when we see a hot woman? Let me guess…. It’s the booty! So here we are counting down on five celebrities who have the hottest butts in the world.

 1) Kim Kardashian

This list is incomplete with Kim Kardashian and you know why the ‘booty’ factor. From pre-baby to post-baby time, she has never missed any opportunity to flaunt her butts. Moreover, her boyfriend Kanye West has mentioned her butt in a song, I Won. Kardashian is also famous for taking selfies of her booty and sharing it on social media.

2) Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has a perfect figure and body that one desires for. Can you believe that she is a mother of two and still one of the biggest show stealers of all time ? From her music videos to red-carpet appearance, and whatever, she has a perfect butt. And she knows that she is well known for her backside. 

3) Shakira


Yes, that’s true, “Hips Don’t Lie”. She is one of the greatest and popular celebrities of Hollywood industry. She has made millions of fans from all over the world by just shaking her booty. She has the best booty that girls can ever long for.

4) Jessica Biel

Her firm butt is why she is so worth of commendation. Those who have seen her live are lucky, but nobody in this world would be as lucky as Justin Timberlake, who is her husband.

5) Jen Selter

Hottest Butts

Jen Selter is another epitome of what a perfect booty looks like. She is one of the celebs who knows how to get famous judiciously on social media. Her workout pictures and her fascinating transformations answer the question why she has the hottest butts.

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