10 Effective Homemade Natural Face Packs For All Skin Problems

Our face is the very important, actually, it won’t be wrong to say, that it is actually the most important part of our personality and we spend all our time making it look presentable and better, we all “face” it! All of us either explicitly, “out-in-the-openly” or implicitly and quite secretively go on and on in pursuit of the best ways and products to have flawless skin and a radiating one. Our face goes on through so many hardships whole day and everything, even stress and workload show on your face, you owe it to your face and take care of it.

Here are 10 DIY face packs which you can make easily at home without any expensive over-the-top ingredients rather with the easily-available-at-home ingredients for both guys and girls, hey it bothers them too! They are tried and tested to refresh your face, remove the dirt and to make it glow and feel rich and healthy! They also work on lightening the acne marks, reducing spots and pimples too, while giving it a lively glow which will surprise you! (Psst.. although they are tried and tested and are made from natural ingredients but to be on the safer side, do a patch test!)

1. Gram Flour-Curd-Turmeric Pack


This is a wonder pack and the one I can swear by! The easiest pack with a great many benefits and it is super safe. Just add Gram flour (Besan) and curd in equal proportions (if you have super dry skin a lil more curd, and for the highly oily a lil more Gram) and then add a teaspoon of turmeric, the wonder herb known for all things good! The pack won’t only give you a nice radiant glow but also makes your skin feel soft and it also removes tan, yes, it is an anti-tan pack as well. Gram works to reduce the high oil secretion while curd won’t let your skin fall dry and stretched out, filling in the moisturizing requirements.

2. Rice Flour-Milk Pack


Rice flour is Asia’s numero uno secret in of brightening and whitening (as in glowing!).  Mix rice flour or powder in milk to make a paste or in rose water and apply it on your face and say hello! To tan free brighter glowing skin! You can even add milk powder in place of milk. Regular usage would surely show the difference! It is the proven Asian beauty secret!

3. Aloe Vera Gel-Lemon-Glycerin Pack


Aloe vera gel is an all-rounder and the jack-of-all-trades personality; you seriously gotta ask it, “is there anything you can’t be used for?” take some fresh aloe vera gel and if you don’t have the magical plant then don’t worry, you have the bottled up magic from various brands, Patanjali being the famous one! Go for the organic one without chemicals, though! Add some lemon juice the natural bleach and a lil glycerine or rose water to keep up with the moisturizing needs of the skin! They would remove the unwanted dullness, and give brightness while rejuvenating the skin and acting on the marks and spots.

4. Honey-Lemon Pack


Lemon is the natural bleach we have and this sour lime can help reduce pigmentation, dark spots, dullness, acne scars while brightening the tired lifeless skin and Mr. Honey is the best ingredient for all the skin types, especially the sensitive and is also known for its bleach properties along with making the skin soft, supple and radiant! Keep it on till it dries but not more than 25-30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You can also apply just the honey minus the lemon juice for the first try as well!

5. Neem Leaves Powder And Milk Pack


Neem or Azadirachta indica is a medicinal herb known for being a purifying agent and has been a part of traditional remedies too! It is a useful skin care agent and specifically known to be the best to fight acne and its marks, every face wash these days have neem, and that says it all! Just get some leaves of the healing herb, dry them and make a powder, or just go for any organic ayurvedic neem powder pack and mix it with raw milk to make a paste. Apply the magical paste and I give you word that it will reduce the acne, pimples, and the impurities from the skin, making it glow with freshness and life! Personal experience is the assurance, it actually helped get rid of all the dirty impure acne and make the skin smooth and fresh! Nothing heals pimples and its marks like this, it is magical!

6. Tomato To The Rescue


Tomato is a common member of the kitchen family and the best anti-tan and brightening agent! Just grate tomato and apply the paste or actually rub tomato directly on the face and keep it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off for soft, glowing skin and the amazing glow that accompanies. It is an effective pack to reduce acne as the acidity of tomato along with its vitamins and antioxidants fights the acne and reduces pimples with the first attempt! It also exfoliates the tan to give a glowing brightness and the regular usage will even help in removing the unwanted facial hair and minimizes the pores as well, the biggest and the major problem with super expensive treatments and lesser results. It is also good for fighting pigmentation and reduces it to a greater extent with regular use.

7. Papaya Pulp Mask


Make papaya your best friend as it actually is loaded with wonder qualities to be your skin’s best friend! Papaya carries nutrients which help in healing dry, flaky skin, reduces acne and the dark spots, and smoothens, boosts collagen production thereby becomes an anti-ageing and skin tightening agent. It exfoliates the dead skin cells and gives a smooth, fair look and fights pigmentation and other signs of aging alongside! Well, there’s nothing to be said. Go try it now! And you can add a teaspoon or a pinch or two of turmeric as well, won’t harm but enhance!

8. Raw Milk And Turmeric Pack


Well, the wonder herb and raw milk the easiest and quite effective face pack for one and all! It will brighten the skin; remove the dead cells and dullness along with the hateful tan! Just mix raw milk and turmeric together in half proportion and apply it on! The only thing about turmeric is that it leaves yellow cast, so just apply them well before going out!

9. Cucumber Pack


Cucumber is the summer hero and your skin’s savior from summer as well! It refreshes, rejuvenates and cools off the skin in the scorching heat giving it immense relief and comfort. Just apply cucumber pulp on the face or along with aloe vera gel, milk, curd or turmeric and refresh your face anew!

10. Potato Pack


Potatoes are quite a hit with everyone and go along well with every other veggie, now it will be a hit with your skin care regime and will go along with your skin pretty well. It contains nutrients known to give a healthier and brighter glow to your skin. They help reduce dark spots, dark circles, well yes, regular under eye usage would help you get rid of the incurable without burning a hole in your pocket for the sky high priced under eye creams! It also removes tanning, pigmentation, dark patches, acne and is also anti-ageing! Just grate a potato and get the juice and apply it on! And, ah, yes, you can add turmeric powder as well!

So, these were 10 of my all-time-favourite, 100% effective and safe face packs which can be applied to all the beautiful faces of both guys and girls. The best part is they are natural, free of all kinds of harsh and frightening chemicals and well, you made them on. Your. Own. With all things natural! Go natural and pamper your skin! They are super easy, economic, and there’s absolutely no way you can not try anyone of them! Give your naturally beautiful skin a break from the artificial and chemically-loaded products and a whole charade of cosmetics and rejuvenate it naturally with these 5 DIY packs!

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