Vaseline Beauty Hacks you Should Know

Is Vaseline just a petroleum jelly, just to be used as an ointment or a lubricant? Here are a 12 other uses of Vaseline, you probably never even thought of:

1. You can apply a little Vaseline on the inner sides of your wrists and then apply your perfume. It’ll last much longer than it would otherwise!

2. It works great as a moisturizer, you can apply it on your elbows, knees and especially if you apply it on your feet before going to bed and sleep with your socks on, it tends to make your feet super soft, you’ll love it! You can use it to moisturize your face if you have really dry skin and can even use it as a body lotion. But only if you’re acne prone, I would suggest not to apply it on your face.

3. This one is pretty common, most of you would’ve heard or read about it somewhere but if you haven’t , well then let me tell you Vaseline works as an amazing lip balm. It’s a natural product which makes it better than most of the conventional products you use, its cheap and also you can apply any shade of lipstick and then apply Vaseline over it which would look extremely gorgeous. It’ll make them look shiny and it will even last longer.

4. Apply a little on your teeth before applying your lipstick and it’ll prevent the lipstick from sticking on your teeth.

5. It also helps alot with rashes or skin burns. If you have any just apply a little on the affected area after washing it with cold water and you’ll see great results.

6.  If you get makeup accidentally on your clothes just apply a little Vaseline on it and wash it later. Also it is an amazing make up remover. Yes girls, you don’t need to spend money on buying those expensive make up removers now. All you need is a jar of petroleum jelly.

7. If your nail polish caps get stuck , which literally happens all the time, apply Vaseline and it’ll come out with ease. There are situations where you get your ring stuck in your hands, it works with that too.

8. Make your favorite lip color into a cream blush by just adding vaseline in it. What you need to go is apply a little lipstick which you wish to use over your cheeks and just take a little Vaseline and blend it over it. It gives a very natural and beautiful glow to your face. Do try it!

9. Vaseline doesn’t actually clog your pores so you can replace your night cream with it and use it daily. Just make sure your skin isn’t extremely oily. Wash your face with luke warm water and then apply it before going to bed.

10. Apply a very small amount of it to the ends of your hair to make them look healthier and reduce the appearance of split ends. You can also apply a little on your cuticles as it helps your skin to remain moisturized and prevents the skin around your nails to come out giving them a more clean and shiny look.

11. Apply Vaseline on your lips, take a new toothbrush and gently rub across all over your lips. It works great as a exfoliater  and helps to prevent the chappy appearance of your lips, especially in winters.

12. Last but not the least, it works great for your brows and lashes as well! Rub a little on your brows and it’ll act as a kind of brow gel and make it appear even, and add a little on top of your lashes where you apply your liner to grow your eyelases longer and healthier.

So many wonderful things right? Just by the use of a magical jar. What a life saver! You definitely need to keep one jar of petroleum jelly handy now.

Esha Kohli

She is an 18 year old aspiring writer. Currently studying literature at University of Delhi. When not busy writing instagram blogs, she's either trying to polish her singing skills or discovering new creative stuff on youtube. Her only motto for life is to : NEVER GIVE UP.
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