Manpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur

Self-proclaimed procrastinator, Starry-eyed, Sporadic , Unorthodox, and a lover of literature! She is an English Lit student with an indomitable streak to bring a change, claims to be subversive and can't stand stupidity and supports an out of the box thinking. She asserts reading, exploring and discussions are the pastimes she can be found indulging in. She believes in magic yet is pragmatic adding up to her paradoxical nature. And is a proud sapiosexual!
  • Jul- 2017 -
    3 July

    10 Most Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Stress

    “Stress” this is the culprit, the main root cause of every problem and what is amusing is that today, everybody has it, every single person has stress. No wonder we have all become crazy annoyed beings frustrated always! We need to understand that stress is harmful, oh yes it is, and it works in insidious ways and demolishes everything peaceful.…

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  • Oct- 2016 -
    20 October

    5 Jagjit Singh HITS For The Low-Days

    The legendary singer Jagjit Singh has fortunately left us with some heart-wrenching melodies made especially for times like this! Every once in a while, there comes a moment when you hit the rock bottom and everything in the world appears too bleak and grim to enjoy! That is, actually the time when you feel nothing but low, and anybody taking…

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  • Aug- 2016 -
    4 August

    10 Myths About Feminism Debunked

    Men and women around the world have dreaded this “F” word so much so that it has become a dangerous “F-Bomb” for everyone! This beautiful concept and word have a very ill-fate I suppose, because of the complete ravishment it faced over the years! The two destructive paths it has been on is that of misinterpretation and wrong usage which…

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  • 2 August

    10 Effective Homemade Natural Face Packs For All Skin Problems

    Our face is the very important, actually, it won’t be wrong to say, that it is actually the most important part of our personality and we spend all our time making it look presentable and better, we all “face” it! All of us either explicitly, “out-in-the-openly” or implicitly and quite secretively go on and on in pursuit of the best…

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  • Jul- 2016 -
    21 July

    10 Strong Social Bollywood Movies You Must Watch Right Now

    Have free hours but don’t really know what to do and T.V. has nothing to grasp your attention, frustrating isn’t it? When you don’t feel satisfied or that sense of accomplishment of filling your intellectual appetite after watching something and that feeling of dejection and utter disappointment of wasting hours and get nothing out of it! Well, if you are…

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  • 11 July

    10 Reasons Which Make Stress A Monster

    It is true, yes, “Nothing can trouble you more than your own thoughts” and those thoughts have now taken the shape of the S-Monster- “Stress”. The impertinent stress can be of two types – positive and negative. Positive is a kind of motivator to help achieve our goals but, like the two sides of coins, there is a toxic one…

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  • 8 July
    Sex & Relationshipsmonsoon

    5 Super Ways To Enjoy Monsoon With Your Partner

    Every time spent with your beloved is enjoyable and fun but the fun increases with the onset of Monsoon, yeah right, seems stupid with all the mess and dripping at the time of monsoon. Don’t worry; there are still ways to spend beautiful time when it’s all messy and eww! Since Mr. Monsoon is on its way and has hit…

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  • Jun- 2016 -
    25 June
    Sex & Relationships

    5 Ways To Avoid The Unavoidable

    Relationships consist of two individuals which are bound together with love, trust, connection and mutual respect and admiration. But the basic component of all relationships is “two people together”. And no two people, however, similar they are can never be same in their interests, ideas etc. There will be conflicting ideas and a difference in one way or another, and…

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  • 18 June
    Sex & Relationshipsrelationship

    10 Times Movies Gave Us Unrealistic Relationship Ideas And Ideals

    A nice rainy weather, an awesome windy night or pleasurably silent hours after midnight, these are the perfect paradisiacal times to occupy yourself with an inviting romantic movie, which is like almost every movie in Bollywood, right, either with action, comedy, thriller, ROMANCE has to be there! But these romantic movies do much more than being a pastime, they’ve spoiled…

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  • 13 June

    5 Signs That Show You Are Ready To Take The Next Big Step In Your Relationship

    In every relationship, there comes a stage when you are sailing in the boat of happiness and things couldn’t be any better. That’s when the ever so crucial question, rather a dilemma strikes; you are willing to move ahead take the next big step but you don’t really know how and when or whether you should even take it in…

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