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10 Times Movies Gave Us Unrealistic Relationship Ideas And Ideals

A nice rainy weather, an awesome windy night or pleasurably silent hours after midnight, these are the perfect paradisiacal times to occupy yourself with an inviting romantic movie, which is like almost every movie in Bollywood, right, either with action, comedy, thriller, ROMANCE has to be there!

But these romantic movies do much more than being a pastime, they’ve spoiled us and adulterated our ideas deeply. More often than not these movies gave us quite unrealistic “Relationship goals”, “Ideas”, and “Ideals”. So, here are 10 ways in which they do so.



Remember the idea that true and a perfect love story and the relationship are the ones with complications, and not just “a” complication but manny. So, when everything just falls into place smoothly, you begin to question it, oh yes, you do!



Okay, guys, don’t kill me for bursting your bubble and throwing some reality, but happily ever after is just a proverbial saying which includes small bumps in the road. It actually means the larger picture which we fail to see and some jerks in the relationship seem like mountains and we lose all our hopes, because true love is “happily ever after”, yeah right!



Well, yes, intimacy is important but it is not a one-word solution to all your problems and definitely not the sole way to create a happy beautiful relationship. For it to be magical you ought to be comfortable and most importantly, do it by CHOICE and WANT rather than NECESSITY and NEED.



In this generation, I doubt if an independent girl would wait for a guy to make the first move. It’s just a clichéd idea, fed to our brains by the movies, where a guy, has to be the one making the first move. Of course, you have to propose, you’re a GUY!!! You go, girl, you can take the first step too, and guys can be shy too!



This is quite stupid, and not all girls are materialistic to CRY OUT LOUD! Simple, small, heartfelt gestures are all it takes for a girl to be impressed and to sweep her off her feet, you need not do all those magnanimous actions, and they are not the fundamental obligations to be carried off.



Some things do happen on their own and you have no control over it, but not everything happens on its own, you gotta take some action and well, yes, actions do speak louder than words. So start working! You need to speak out and express your love.



Nothing is perfect guys, NOTHING. Period. Nuff said!



Guys and girls take this point, if you think that making your partner jealous is the best thing to bring the spark back and would lead to passionate love, well, that’s slightly problematic, though. Jealousy leads to chaos and builds insecurity and gives way to trust issues = unlimited fights! So, next time if you think of making your partner jealous, think twice! Possessiveness and possessive boyfriends are quite celebrated in movies, but actually, can be the root cause of the death of any happy, healthy relationship. Trust your partner and give them space, now that is cool.



This one is for all those who champion Tom (from 500 Days Of Summer) and Kundan (from Raanjhana) as the perfect lover for not giving up on their love! Okay. people a NO means NO. well, yes you can give it a try and push if the girl likes you too but when the other person likes you too, but if it is a clear no, then anything you do is called stalking and is a punishable offense. So, one-sided love, is ONE SIDED, what part makes it two?



Guys, girls today are not the damsel in distress figure as shown in movies, actually, I doubt if they ever can be! The ideal love story and the relationship start with a poor girl in the problem and a knight in shining white armor will be her Prince Charming! Guys and girls this is not the definition of a perfect beginning of any relationship.

Movies are fun, an escape from reality and to some extent mirrors “the way of the world” but we mustn’t forget reality. It is good to dream and believe in magic but hold on to realism and reality too. And hey, enjoy movies but don’t feed unrealistic expectations to your heart and brain which would spoil your perfect love!

Manpreet Kaur

Self-proclaimed procrastinator, Starry-eyed, Sporadic , Unorthodox, and a lover of literature! She is an English Lit student with an indomitable streak to bring a change, claims to be subversive and can't stand stupidity and supports an out of the box thinking. She asserts reading, exploring and discussions are the pastimes she can be found indulging in. She believes in magic yet is pragmatic adding up to her paradoxical nature. And is a proud sapiosexual!
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