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9 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

Divorce is orthodoxly a taboo subject and is still not accepted by the Indians. But, the notion associated with ‘happily ever after’ is in a way declining. Our life has become so complicated and so goes for our relationships. Situations and people both have changed and this has resulted in increasing rate of divorce. Divorce is not always bad. If it helps you move out of a marriage for your good, then it’s worth the step. But people have now taken liberty and have taken divorce as an easy way to escape. Let’s take a look at the 9 reasons why people get divorced (These reasons are not in any specific order).

Women Have Now Become Financially Independent


Whether you believe it or not, this is one of the reasons for divorce and also of the fact that the ideal age of marriage has been pushed from 24-28 to 28-32. Initially, the top most priority of the girl’s parents was to look for a guy who can take care of their daughter and they were very keen on the financial angle. Earlier even if the girls were not happy they were bound to listen to their husbands as they were financially dependent. Nowadays, most of the women are financially independent and more confident and hence accept no nonsense.

Marriage Against The Wish


Well, if you got married against your wishes, then chances are you won’t be willing to give your 100% to the relationship, which will eventually lead to a bad or failed marriage.

Declining Patience Level


This might look like a small point, but has great relevance. We have lost patience with almost everything. And have now inculcated a habit of looking it from the negative angle. It is my way or highway, but this is actually spoiling the whole institution of marriage.

Communication Gap


Communication is the essence of every relationship. Most of the problems build in because of lack of communication among couples.

Lack of Commitment


Nothing can work without commitment. Even a project at office fail if you were not committed to it. Imagine, if a project can fail without commitment, then what can happen to “marriage”.



Big No. If you are cheating on your partner, then you are cheating your entire relationship. Why did you marry the person at first place? Think 100 times before you marry someone, because you need to do justice to your relationship. You just can’t get bored and walk out of it.

Lack of Emotional Connect


Physical attraction will gradually go away and what remains is emotional connect. Lack of emotional connect can lead to divorce.



Till the time the couple is addicted to each other it’s fine, but when you get addicted to things like alcohol, tobacco, and such stuff, you spoil your relationship.

Different Expectations

I want

Every individual is different and so is their expectation. Before saying yes to someone for marriage, make sure you are clear about expectations as failure to understand this can result in divorce.

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