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  • 5 Famous Mistresses Who RUINED People’s Marriage

    It’s easy to get into a relationship, but it is very tough to remain in a strong and healthy relationships. There are many times to feel insecure, that insecurity might arise due to your partner’s female colleagues, his female friends, and it could be anyone which can harm your marriage. Here are 5 famous celebrities who do so. 1) Britney…

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  • 5 Most INAPPROPRIATE Celebrity Family Relationships

    We all need family, for while some of us family are everything. It’s very important to have a family so that you can cry on their shoulder when you need them, they are there to celebrate your highs, and act as a support system. Here are 5 Most INAPPROPRIATE Celebrity Family Relationships. 1) Angelina Jolie and James Haven She kissed…

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  • divorce

    9 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

    Divorce is orthodoxly a taboo subject and is still not accepted by the Indians. But, the notion associated with ‘happily ever after’ is in a way declining. Our life has become so complicated and so goes for our relationships. Situations and people both have changed and this has resulted in increasing rate of divorce. Divorce is not always bad. If…

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  • monsoon

    5 Super Ways To Enjoy Monsoon With Your Partner

    Every time spent with your beloved is enjoyable and fun but the fun increases with the onset of Monsoon, yeah right, seems stupid with all the mess and dripping at the time of monsoon. Don’t worry; there are still ways to spend beautiful time when it’s all messy and eww! Since Mr. Monsoon is on its way and has hit…

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  • 5 Ways To Avoid The Unavoidable

    Relationships consist of two individuals which are bound together with love, trust, connection and mutual respect and admiration. But the basic component of all relationships is “two people together”. And no two people, however, similar they are can never be same in their interests, ideas etc. There will be conflicting ideas and a difference in one way or another, and…

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  • relationship

    10 Times Movies Gave Us Unrealistic Relationship Ideas And Ideals

    A nice rainy weather, an awesome windy night or pleasurably silent hours after midnight, these are the perfect paradisiacal times to occupy yourself with an inviting romantic movie, which is like almost every movie in Bollywood, right, either with action, comedy, thriller, ROMANCE has to be there! But these romantic movies do much more than being a pastime, they’ve spoiled…

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  • 9 Things Every Child Grown Up Enough Must Tell Their Parents Now

    As we all grow up, our parents grow old. They tend to have insecurities and breakdowns just as we did while we were still children. At moments like these, they must be reminded that they are well loved by their children and they have raised us right. Go tell them these 9 things right away and make them happy until…

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  • Quotes

    5 Quotes On Love Which Comforts The Contort Soul

    Love is all around, in the winds, in the blazes, in the animals we love or in the nemesis we used to befriend with. get in the flow with the nano-tales, to experience the comforters of love in the states of contritions and emotions. You’ll always be the one what my heart desires for. Isn’t it’s something what we always…

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  • gujarati girls

    7 Reasons Why Gujarati Girls Are Best To Date

    Every boy desires a girlfriend, one who understands him, takes care of him, helps him in his bad times and always act as his companion. Boys always found difficulty in choosing a right girl partner for them. Here are 7 reasons which make Gujarati girls best to date among all other girls.   Dressing Sense Gujarati girls have the best…

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  • arranged

    Can Love be Arranged?

    One’s instinct might answer a YES to this question but after successive pondering on the repercussions of the ordeals, the answer turns out to be NO. NO ONE CAN ARRANGE LOVE. Love is something which is needed to be created rather than demised. The vicious cycle of crime, joy, pain, happiness, angst, serenity and emotions is what love is. In…

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  • 4 Things To Remember When Meeting Your Friend’s New Partner

    I don’t know if many of you have been in this situation but trust me it’s WEIRD. When your close friend starts dating someone new and wants you to meet him/her, it’s something you can’t really title or label (at least for me). When I meet a friend’s new partner, all I remember is what my friend has told me…

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  • Fall in Love!

    Love, the best feeling a human being can feel. That feeling makes you a completely different person. It gives you a reason to smile, to live, to survive every hurdle you face. It gives you some extra magical power to be happy in worst conditions. You smile, you laugh, you dream, you sleep with that feeling, 24×7.  And what makes…

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  • 4 Things You’ll Understand If You Have A Long-Distance Bestfriend

    You swear you’ll always keep in touch, and you’ll never let your friendship diminish. After all, you’ve been through the ups and downs of adolescence together, shared everything with each other, and always been support systems for each other. You have so many memories together : funny ones, good ones, embarrassing ones, and plain weird ones. But things inevitably change…

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  • Did you know that Bongs have their very own Valentine’s Day? Read on.

    It was only during the late nineties and early millennium, when we Indians started celebrating Valentine’s Day. Movies and television serials started glorifying and consumer based companies found a tremendous business opportunity in the nation’s newfound fad. Over the next few years, it proved to be more than a fad, and has now become a national festival of epic proportions.…

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  • Three Handmade Cards You Can Make This Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. As much as the say is about celebrating love, it can also be daunting to come up with a gift for your significant other that is sweet, personal, meaningful, shows love and effort, and won’t leave you destitute. Phew, almost thinking about it is tiring. But fret not! We have come up with a…

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  • Does money matter in a relationship? The answer may surprise you…

      While a person who values money might come off as a materialistic and shallow individual, it will surprise you how money can be a huge factor of inferiority complex in your partner. Read on. According to psychology, money plays a crucial role on an individual’s psyche. While one person may be drawn to another because of their bank balance,…

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  • 8 Teenage Tropes That Aren’t Real

      We’ve all had that phase – watching a whole lot of teenage movies just because you can. Watching movies specifically about high school, the mean girls in your school and the thousand other problems that come with it. Being judged, not being judged, being popular, not being popular, being nerdy and being a hipster – all wrapped into one…

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  • We Aren’t Meant to be Boxed and Labeled

    I’m sure a lot of us do this. We meet someone, befriend them, think we know them fully after a few months, then place them in certain categories or boxes in our mind. It is natural to do so. For example, I meet a loud, frank, outspoken person at a party and in my head, I will label him or…

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  • Let’s Be Empathetic

      As a psychology student, I have heard the term “empathy” way too many times, but have only recently started understanding and imbibing it. Simply put, empathy is the act of putting yourself in another person’s shoes (not literally please), understanding the other person’s situation through their eyes/viewpoint. In this day and age, everyone is busy running a race with…

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  • 5 Concepts of People That Are Wrong!

    Psychology defines intelligence as the global capacity of an individual to think rationally, act purposefully and deal effectively with his/her environment. Howard Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligence elucidates how intelligence is a broad concept, not merely limited to a single factor. However, people constantly relate intelligence to one’s academics competence. “Grades” are used as a yardstick to measure the level…

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  • 4 Things That Happen When You Travel With Your Friends

    Five friends standing silhouetted against a cloudy night, or a vast ocean vista, or a beautiful sunrise. Arm in arm, at the end of their travels, which had, like a meticulously concocted potion, equal measures of fun, moments of self-discovery, carefully curated moments of frolic, precious bonding and meetings with strangers that change perspectives. The wind rushing through their hair,…

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  • 5 People You Wish You Never Met

      There are many people we encounter in our lives. Some of them become are close friends while the others remain at the periphery of our social circle but still affect us in many ways. As we grow older, we learn who to trust, who to ditch, who to keep, and who to stay away from. Here is a list…

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    5 Signs Your Mother Raised You Right

    This list includes some of the basic manners that everyone should have, but unfortunately, don’t. So, if you follow the following points in your life, then congratulation, you are a gentleman/gentlewoman and your mom raised you right. Disrespecting no one May you be a boy or a girl, if you talk disrespectfully to anyone (any age, gender, race, sex, etc.)…

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  • 6 Things You Should Never Gift Your Boyfriend if You Want his Attention or Affection

    Do you think only girls wait for the gifts and be pampered? Oh no, no… There are guys who project that they are stone hearted and least bothered about birthday and anniversary gifts. Somewhere deep inside their heart, they crave for gifts and be pampered like a kid. It is easier to please a lady than a man. Gift her…

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  • hug-struggle

    5 Struggles Of An Awkward Hugger

      Hugging is pretty common among people these days and everyone seems to be at ease with this gesture. Everyone, except for ME. Yes, that’s right, hugging isn’t my strong suit. I tend to clam up and not know what to do. I fail to understand the people who stand holding ‘Free Hug’ signs. Who would voluntarily give out hugs…

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  • friendship-relation-expect

    5 Important Things to Remember in FRIENDSHIP

    “A real friend is one who walks in when rest of the world walks out.”   Everyone needs a social life. Well, atleast that’s what Maslow’s Hierarchy Model of Motivation says. It is not necessary that the person with whom you share every detail is your best friend, or your best friend should be of your age or gender only.…

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  • september-love

    Let September Serve you Love!

    Ever wondered what’s the special thing about that crush which turned it into a beautiful love story? Is it the wine over which he proposed to her? Or the drink he bought her in that party? Or the coffee he asked her out on? Want to know what is that one thing you should ask your special one out on?…

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  • revitalize-your-relationships-8ways

    8 Ways To Revitalize A Relationship With Loved Ones

    Oxford dictionary has defined relationship as “The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected”. Every relationship has sweet and a bitter phase. Sometimes we deal with it, “as just a part of life,” sometimes we ignore it and  take it as “This is it…Nothing will change”. Often we let the…

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