Tanvi Chowdhary

Tanvi Chowdhary

Tanvi has a passion for anything that involves chocolate. bordering on madness. She enjoys almost anything that she has had enough time to think about, be it good movies, good books, or good tv shows.
  • Feb- 2016 -
    29 February
    BooksPhoto of Book Review: We, The Drowned

    Book Review: We, The Drowned

    In an effort to read more often, I have been taking it upon myself to read a book a week. Of course, the reviews come out a little late. And in addition to all the books, I am reading, I had an awful cheat week of awfulness because I decided that now was the time to get into East Asian…

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  • 10 February
    NewsPhoto of Career of Evil

    Career of Evil

      Written by Robert Galbraith. Review by Ridiculosity. The third book in the Cormoran Strike series, Rowling writes with the pen name of Robert Galbraith. It’s a long book, which is also rather complicated, as it happens. The difficulty with Rowling’s writing has always been more on style than characterization or plot. In this case also, I have mixed feelings…

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  • 5 February
    NewsPhoto of Agent Carter: Growing Up in the 1900s

    Agent Carter: Growing Up in the 1900s

    Peggy Carter has possibly been one of the most interesting and dynamic personalities that Marvel has created. Since Fox has rights on so many Marvel characters, they were forced to look into some of more invisible entities which had existed throughout Marvel lore, and Peggy Carter the original was one of them. TV!Peggy beats Comic book!Peggy any day. And for…

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  • 5 February
    MoviesPhoto of Top 10 Disney Fairy Tale Adaptations

    Top 10 Disney Fairy Tale Adaptations

    Disney has long been creating a lot of top notch movies where old fairy tales are concerned. Their characters are usually well rendered and interesting, with an inner life which cannot be mistaken. I’ve always been an ardent Disney lover: I have seen almost all the fairy tale retellings and a lot of their more original works with the exception…

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  • Jan- 2016 -
    31 January
    NewsPhoto of 5 Reasons to Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S Daily

    5 Reasons to Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S Daily

    I have actually never met anyone who has not see F.R.I.E.N.D.S at least once. If not an episode, then they most certainly have picked up bits and pieces from the internet. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of those cult TV shows that everybody has heard of, seen, or been part of. Like Star Wars, you’d have to live under a rock to…

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  • 30 January
    TelevisionPhoto of Fandom Greater or Show? Sherlockian Problems

    Fandom Greater or Show? Sherlockian Problems

      Spoilers Ahoy! My previous article on BBC’s Sherlock was written directly after the episode, when I was still in the middle of the aftershocks. I love Sherlock, and I still like the special, but lately I have had to acknowledge a very, very important failing about this show. The Fandom seems to be occupying a more important say in…

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  • 22 January
    NewsPhoto of She’s Back! The Agent Carter Returns

    She’s Back! The Agent Carter Returns

      And oh, how we have missed her. Peggy Carter is God’s gift to humanity , and nothing will convince me otherwise. With the premier of the new season, we also have a new Peggy. A Peggy who no longer has to hide from the SSR, and a Peggy who knows what she must do to gain the trust of…

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  • 21 January
    BooksPhoto of Book Review: Jobless, Clueless, Reckless

    Book Review: Jobless, Clueless, Reckless

      Over the years, it has become harder and harder for a book to completely absorb me – in a way that I forget time, chapters, analysis, characterization and everything that makes me so much of an English Major. Before reading Jobless, Clueless, Reckless I had just finished Papillon by Henri Charrier – a book with a vast framework of…

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  • 3 January
    NewsPhoto of Sherlockception – The Abominable Bride

    Sherlockception – The Abominable Bride

      Spoilers Ahoy! The thing with BBC Sherlock is that they always leave you reeling. The method of leaving the whole audience in shock is very simple: create a bloody world within a world and give bald faced lies when it comes to telling them what is about to come. The Gods told us that this was a standalone special.…

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  • Dec- 2015 -
    19 December
    NewsPhoto of The Token Female Character

    The Token Female Character

      In Every Fantasy Oriented, Post Apocalyptic World Women and the media industry have a long and complicated past. From issues with agency, issues with consent, issues with representation and issues with characterization, women and the media aren’t the best of friends. Unfortunate, because mainstream media is one of the best ways to rid ourselves of a lot of problems…

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  • 13 December
    NewsPhoto of The Metro Etiquette

    The Metro Etiquette

      It is a truth universally acknowledged that all forms of public transport have their own language, their own code of conduct, and their own life. The Metro isn’t very different: much like the Local trains of Bombay, the Metro has its way of communication. While the trains of Bombay are a battlefield, the Metro is Chess. While Bombay is…

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  • 10 December
    NewsPhoto of The Once Upon a Time Mid-Season Finale

    The Once Upon a Time Mid-Season Finale

      I think we can all agree that endings are not the strong point of Once Upon a Time. This was an exciting season, and there was so much potential. There was the fantastic angle of Emma as a dark one, and Killian Jones and the man he was with his blood lust. There was Rumplestiltskin as a hero, there…

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  • 8 December
    Sex & RelationshipsPhoto of 8 Teenage Tropes That Aren’t Real

    8 Teenage Tropes That Aren’t Real

      We’ve all had that phase – watching a whole lot of teenage movies just because you can. Watching movies specifically about high school, the mean girls in your school and the thousand other problems that come with it. Being judged, not being judged, being popular, not being popular, being nerdy and being a hipster – all wrapped into one…

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  • Nov- 2015 -
    15 November
    MoviesPhoto of The Intricacies of Inside Out

    The Intricacies of Inside Out

    When Inside Out first came out, everybody was expecting a cute children’s movie, to explain the emotions in your head. As usual, Pixar exceeded expectations: the real beauty of Inside Out can be discovered only after you have seen it at least twice. I was re-watching Inside Out for around the second time when I realized that the writers had…

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  • 7 November
    NewsPhoto of The Once Upon a Time World… Spoilers Ahoy!

    The Once Upon a Time World… Spoilers Ahoy!

      ABC’s Once Upon a Time was always a show that had very immature foundations. Anybody could have seen that their definitions of what is good and what is bad was very childish, to say the least. And although the plot for Once Upon a Time is needlessly intricate and bizarrely sprinkled with a thousand different fairytales, it still remains…

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  • Oct- 2015 -
    16 October
    NewsPhoto of 5 Differences Between a College Trip and a Vacation

    5 Differences Between a College Trip and a Vacation

    The really fun thing about holidays is always the people you get to do it with. And parents are always good companions, but there is a world of difference between your unsupervised college trip and your well paid for vacation with the school or with your parents. The city you go to has a completely different side I went to…

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  • 9 October
    NewsPhoto of Sherlock’s Teaser Trailer Phenomenon

    Sherlock’s Teaser Trailer Phenomenon

      The problem with all of us is that we’re too deeply hooked into this whole thing. BBC Sherlock is a fantastic show, with a fantastically little amount of content. Three seasons and nine episodes – considering the TV shows that have ten seasons with twenty two episodes each, or the ones which have been there since the 1960s, Sherlock’s…

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  • 3 October
    NewsPhoto of Downtown Abbey’s Edith

    Downtown Abbey’s Edith

    Spoilers for Season Six! Downton Abbey has gone through some serious character development. Everyone’s personality is so different that one always has to squint a little and think “well, I’m not quite sure you’re the same person from first season.” Out of all of the characters, Edith Crawley is the one who has gone through the most serious character development.…

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