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5 Signs Your Mother Raised You Right

This list includes some of the basic manners that everyone should have, but unfortunately, don’t. So, if you follow the following points in your life, then congratulation, you are a gentleman/gentlewoman and your mom raised you right.

Disrespecting no one


May you be a boy or a girl, if you talk disrespectfully to anyone (any age, gender, race, sex, etc.) and think it’s appropriate, then your mom didn’t raise you right. Talking and behaving respectfully means that you are a true gentleman or gentlewoman. Being respectful makes you ten times more attractive.

Sharing food


This is probably the most difficult and rare trait which only some people have. It is a decent courtesy to offer your food or drink to anybody that you may be hanging out with. It shows that you have manners and that you care for them enough to be willing to share your food with them. If they are a true friend, they will understand your true feeling and will politely decline. If not, then at least they know you care.

Leaving your seat


If you feel that a person needs a seat more than you do then get up. May this be in metro or in an auditorium or basically in any situation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one should give up their seat for any female or anyone older than them.


No hate


There is a famous saying which goes like, “If you got nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. If you follow this saying in your life, then your mamma raised you right. Following this saying will also make your life a whole lot more positive. May it be online or in real life, if you have don’t like anything then don’t hate; be nice and stay shut. The same goes for gossiping, don’t talk behind anyone’s back.

Giving a gift randomly

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May it be a family member, or a friend, or even someone unprivileged than you are. Giving a gift shows that you are caring, kind and appreciative of them. The gift doesn’t have to be something fancy or expensive. It can be a chocolate or flowers or anything random that they may have wanted.

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