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Can Love be Arranged?

One’s instinct might answer a YES to this question but after successive pondering on the repercussions of the ordeals, the answer turns out to be NO. NO ONE CAN ARRANGE LOVE.

Love is something which is needed to be created rather than demised. The vicious cycle of crime, joy, pain, happiness, angst, serenity and emotions is what love is. In fact, our dilemmatic heart utters the untold answer about love and it’s stories.

Love’s hard to find but even harder to maintain. It’s not a fairy tale. Rather it’s a fight for togetherness. Love Is the kind of emotion what could be butchered and slaughtered on the roads of hatred easily, but it overshadows the succumbed lanes of dark to finally reach and meet.

Love could never be ordered at leisure, but needed to be created, if you and your consummate even shares the minutes of quality time together, if you and your partner have faced all the dead circumstances together and see angst up but still ready to face anything, but TOGETHER.

If you and your better half, turns up in creating memories for selves, whether it be placing a whether it be placing a rose in the book covers or be it her accessories making the relict a different story itself, or be it your most beautiful cuddles and kisses. The feelings which thus get generated soars up and turns out to be the most precious and sheen thing ever occurred to one.

So, just go on, move on, keep your eyes off this post and instead of looking at screens, start looking at those old deeds and memories and regain and rediscover the love and loved ones for you.

REMEMBER, love can never be arranged, but could be destroyed due to the stringent factors, so just ALWAYS decipher your codes of love to your key of locks.

Pulin Goyal

Pulin Goyal is an aspiring writer who is very enthusiast about nanotales and like to write love-fantasy stories. Apart from his writing work, he is pursuing his degree course in B.Sc. (H) Biological Sciences at Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. Apart from that his favorite subject is sarcasm and loves studying it deeper and Better. Pulin is a coffee addict and has a zeal to learn and turn human psych in a better way, he loves to debate and counsel people and is quite known for making new friends and breaking stigmas of the society.
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