• Sex & Relationshipsmonsoon

    5 Super Ways To Enjoy Monsoon With Your Partner

    Every time spent with your beloved is enjoyable and fun but the fun increases with the onset of Monsoon, yeah right, seems stupid with all the mess and dripping at the time of monsoon. Don’t worry; there are still ways to spend beautiful time when it’s all messy and eww! Since Mr. Monsoon is on its way and has hit…

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  • Sex & Relationships

    5 Ways To Avoid The Unavoidable

    Relationships consist of two individuals which are bound together with love, trust, connection and mutual respect and admiration. But the basic component of all relationships is “two people together”. And no two people, however, similar they are can never be same in their interests, ideas etc. There will be conflicting ideas and a difference in one way or another, and…

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  • Sex & Relationshipsarranged

    Can Love be Arranged?

    One’s instinct might answer a YES to this question but after successive pondering on the repercussions of the ordeals, the answer turns out to be NO. NO ONE CAN ARRANGE LOVE. Love is something which is needed to be created rather than demised. The vicious cycle of crime, joy, pain, happiness, angst, serenity and emotions is what love is. In…

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  • News

    10 Nano-Tales that show the Power of Words and will Leave You Surprised

    Words have a power, most of us are unaware of. We believe there are certain ways to say particular things, which is true. However, though, there remains a certain sort of immunity in words, when put together in particular ways, that they present a whole new story to themselves. Here are a few that will leave you confused whether to…

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  • Sex & Relationships

    4 Things To Remember When Meeting Your Friend’s New Partner

    I don’t know if many of you have been in this situation but trust me it’s WEIRD. When your close friend starts dating someone new and wants you to meet him/her, it’s something you can’t really title or label (at least for me). When I meet a friend’s new partner, all I remember is what my friend has told me…

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  • Moviesbollywood-teacher-student-relation

    5 Bollywood Movies that Depict Teacher-Student Relationship

      “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.” ― Alexander the Great (His teacher was the legendary philosopher Aristotle) As the above line is true, this is also true that a teacher’s success is governed by his student’s success. In spite of being one of the greatest fighters in Mahabharat, Guru Dronacharya is still…

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  • News6 Measures to Choose the Best Place for the First Date

    6 Measures to Choose the Best Place for the First Date

    You just met a wonderful girl and now you want more than just a one-night stand. You want to have a serious relationship with this girl.  You should ensure that your first date succeeds. There are some measures you should adopt for selecting the ‘PERFECT’ place for your first date Your first meeting should be brief, merriment, inexpensive and comforting.…

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