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5 Ways To Avoid The Unavoidable

Relationships consist of two individuals which are bound together with love, trust, connection and mutual respect and admiration. But the basic component of all relationships is “two people together”. And no two people, however, similar they are can never be same in their interests, ideas etc. There will be conflicting ideas and a difference in one way or another, and thus, “arguments” are inevitable! It is the one thing which is absolutely unavoidable, after all, we are talking about two individuals and distinct personalities which are unique in everyone!

The undeniability does not mean it cannot be avoided or taken care of. Here are 5 ways to avoid the unavoidable in every relationship :



It’s a world known stature of silence as a golden rule, well, that’s true! “Silence is one of the hardest argument to refute”. If you know the argument is getting pretty intense and deep and going nowhere but down the nonsense lane, be the sensible one and adore silence. It is the ultimate solution and would make the other realize soon enough and then when the time is right, sort your differences. But talking and shouting along when you know it is useless would worsen the argument.



Accept the fact that you cannot always have it your way! Relationships are nothing but a 50-50 partnership, the day you stop taking and believing yourself as the superior and more important one and assuming that your issues and concerns are the most important, making adjustments would become a cakewalk. The “my way or highway” rule is not acceptable in an equal partnership. Adjust a bit for your love!



When you are deeply in love compromises are not something forced but they come from within. More than half of stupid unnecessary arguments can be avoided by taking the mature high road. There are some things which cannot be changed some issues which do not need argument but a little compromise. Although you must know where to draw the line, because compromise from one side only and mindlessly is an unfair one!



Keeping things and issues which are bothering you inside gives birth to frustration which takes the shape of unnecessary arguments. Why not eliminate the problem and its root cause? Talk your heart out, don’t let even the smallest thing bother you or prick and never wait for your partner to understand your issues on their own, they are humans! Two-way discussions and communication fosters healthy relationships and keeps arguments at bay.



The past is past, it has gone by, STOP bringing issues and past events which have been sorted and don’t leave any present concern for future discord, when it will be a thing of past! Live in present and stop lurking in the past, you don’t live there anymore! Period.

Arguments are bound to happen and relationships can never always sail smoothly but not letting your relationship is still in your hands! We may not be able to avoid them but we can avoid happiness and love. Although love is all powerful and conquers all differences but it is not enough. Incorporate these simple ways and avoid the unavoidable!

Manpreet Kaur

Self-proclaimed procrastinator, Starry-eyed, Sporadic , Unorthodox, and a lover of literature! She is an English Lit student with an indomitable streak to bring a change, claims to be subversive and can't stand stupidity and supports an out of the box thinking. She asserts reading, exploring and discussions are the pastimes she can be found indulging in. She believes in magic yet is pragmatic adding up to her paradoxical nature. And is a proud sapiosexual!
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