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    5 Best EPIC Romantic Sagas Of 21st Century

    Love is confused. With the advantage of rose-tinted sentimentality goggles, it may be said that sentiment never used to be as troublesome as it is today, yet that is most likely not genuine. Since Daphne had herself transformed into a tree to maintain a strategic distance from Apollo’s undesirable advances, the round of affection has rushed to fall into –…

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    5 Quotes On Love Which Comforts The Contort Soul

    Love is all around, in the winds, in the blazes, in the animals we love or in the nemesis we used to befriend with. get in the flow with the nano-tales, to experience the comforters of love in the states of contritions and emotions. You’ll always be the one what my heart desires for. Isn’t it’s something what we always…

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    Can Love be Arranged?

    One’s instinct might answer a YES to this question but after successive pondering on the repercussions of the ordeals, the answer turns out to be NO. NO ONE CAN ARRANGE LOVE. Love is something which is needed to be created rather than demised. The vicious cycle of crime, joy, pain, happiness, angst, serenity and emotions is what love is. In…

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    7 Times Richard Castle Conveyed his Divine Love for Beckett

    It’s bad news that Castle Season 9 won’t be coming. I always looked up to this show. It instilled a spirit of magic in me. Castle was never a show for those who to wanted to believe in the reality. It was a show, which made us believe in miracles, love and faith. Castle defies logic because love isn’t logical,…

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    Fall in Love!

    Love, the best feeling a human being can feel. That feeling makes you a completely different person. It gives you a reason to smile, to live, to survive every hurdle you face. It gives you some extra magical power to be happy in worst conditions. You smile, you laugh, you dream, you sleep with that feeling, 24×7.  And what makes…

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    10 times Hollywood said ‘I love you’ without saying it!

    More than often it happens when the ones we are watching on screen say exactly what’s in our heart. And then all we do is look at our loved ones and smile, and find them already looking at us,  acknowledging that they understood it all. Whether your loved ones are sitting right besides you, or miles away, these words are…

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    7 Ways To Feel Alive

    Someone has rightly said “Be close to something that makes you feel alive”. In today’s world, full of hustle and bustle and pressures from work, we have forgotten how it feels to be alive . Being alive not only means being yourself, but it also means free of all the tensions, sadness, to truly live in the moment. When you…

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