Gurmeet Kaur

Gurmeet Kaur

Gurmeet Kaur is someone who is able to follow New Year resolutions all year long. The shades of reality, optimism, pessimism, and all that life gives, amuse her. An engineer by qualification, she finds peace in teaching little kids. Passionate for reading, photography, philosophy, thinking, exploring, writing, travelling and a believer of power of words.
  • Mar- 2016 -
    20 March

    Person Of Interest Season 5: We Are Being Watched.. AGAIN!

      Ever since the end of the season 4 of Person of Interest, the viewers of this show have been waiting for The Machine to watch them over again. The production has already launched the trailer and the huge fan base has welcomed it with all their hearts. It’s yet to be seen how well this season will keep its…

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  • Feb- 2016 -
    14 February

    10 times Hollywood said ‘I love you’ without saying it!

    More than often it happens when the ones we are watching on screen say exactly what’s in our heart. And then all we do is look at our loved ones and smile, and find them already looking at us,  acknowledging that they understood it all. Whether your loved ones are sitting right besides you, or miles away, these words are…

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  • Jan- 2016 -
    28 January

    Lala Lajpat Rai: An Unforgettable Hero of Indian History

    The glory of Indian Independence is full of heroic incidents. Whether the struggle is of fighters like Rani Laxmi Bai, Tantia Tope from former years or Bhagat Singh, Lal-Bal-Pal, Chandra Shekhar Azad from latter ones, the colour of patriotism has left an indelible mark on the history of our country. January 28 marks the birth anniversary of one such Hero,…

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  • Dec- 2015 -
    30 December

    Love Her Like You Do on Ellie Goulding’s Birthday!

        Born on 30th December in Hereford, England, this Diva needs no introduction today! Kick starting her career in 2009 with An introduction to Ellie Goulding with Polydor Records, she bagged Critic’s Choice Award at Brit Awards in 2010 and hasn’t looked back ever since. While this star celebrates her birthday QuirkyByte brings you some of her too-fab-to-miss songs…

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  • 28 December

    7 Strangest New Year Customs of the World

      With New Year right around the corner we all feel excited about what it will have in store for us. The lucky charms find their way in to our lives to spread their magic on the fresh beginning of time for us all. For some it is a good omen to receive money, while others don’t wear black. When…

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  • Nov- 2015 -
    5 November

    10 Funniest Oxymorons we use Everyday!

      Oxymoron is the most hilarious figure of speech! Other than its literary value in English literature, it has been a medium of sparking laughter among readers. Whether its Ernest Hemingway or Quirkybyte, oxymorons never fail to make our life seriously funny! 😉 Read on to find out which ones have become a part of our lives! Oxymoron confused? Yes!…

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  • 3 November

    Book Review of Danielle Steel’s “Big Girl”

      BIG GIRL by Danielle Steel  If by the first look at the title you are thinking it might be about what big girls do (*wink*) the answer is No.  For anyone in this world it will sound so dreamy to be born to an affluent family, picture-perfect parents, a world where nothing belongs to the second-best category. But what…

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  • Oct- 2015 -
    15 October

    5 Ongoing, Online Sales You Don’t Want to Miss!

        Flipkart is here with its big billion day sale to make you save more on your shopping. So ladies, save on your shopping, and spend the saving on even more shopping! Enjoy! Date: 13 Oct – 17 Oct , 2015

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  • Sep- 2015 -
    28 September
    NewsHighest Grossing Movies of Natalie Portman

    We can never forget ‘V’! Can We? 10 Life Changing Vendetta Quotes!

    Remember, the fifth of November.  If once one has seen V for Vendetta, the name is enough to send chills down the spine every time it is mentioned. No matter how many amazing movies we see, I just can’t think of striking this name off from the favorites list. Ever! If you have seen it you’ll relate with what I’m…

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  • 26 September

    10 Things Only Sheldon Can Say!

    As y’all are all set to welcome the ninth season of the much-loved show The Big Bang Theory , we’d love to tell you that this season we’ll know Amy’s surname as ‘Hofstadter’, Sheldon and Amy looking for other fish in the sea, Penny’s signature unpreparedness and a lot more! As the expectations are rising of entire fan base, we…

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  • 19 September
    Newstv series

    8 TV Series That Will Set Your Pulse Racing

    Tired of asking your friends what to watch next? Or confused by the long lists of search engines for best thrillers? Well, we have got it all sorted for you here! Just read on this checklist of must watch TV series with their respective IMDB ratings. Each of these is unique and definitely worth not to miss! GAME OF THRONES…

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  • 15 September

    7 Engineers Who Made It Big!

    While India celebrates Engineer’s Day today, on 15th September, marking the birth of its great engineer Sir M Visvesvaraya. It is celebrated in many countries, on different days. With engineering being a study of core science, you might have hardly guessed that these celebrities who have made it big for themselves are actually Engineers! So this Engineers Day wish them…

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  • 13 September

    5 Laughter Overdosed Must Watch TV Series

    Looking forward to lighten your weekend? These comedy overloaded series are sure to give you a hilarious weekend! F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  This show is meant to make you miss your friends if they are away, and makes you cherish them if they are around you! Could it be more awesome? 😉 IMDb Rating: 9.0 The Big Bang Theory  After watching this show…

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  • 4 September
    Sex & Relationshipsseptember-love

    Let September Serve you Love!

    Ever wondered what’s the special thing about that crush which turned it into a beautiful love story? Is it the wine over which he proposed to her? Or the drink he bought her in that party? Or the coffee he asked her out on? Want to know what is that one thing you should ask your special one out on?…

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  • 3 September

    10 Special Moments from TVF Pitchers Season Finale

    I know. I know. Your head is saying Lol! Just 10? Cheers to the best Indian series ever! Zero is the new Hero! After the finale’s release, gone are the days when anyone would be offended on being called a zero. Post Pitchers the interpretation of zeroes has changed forever. The world is going to see it through Mandal’s eyes…

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  • Jul- 2015 -
    28 July

    Salam Kalam!

    Death is inevitable. Irrespective of the how precious the presence of a person is, one cannot help but to lose them, at some or the other point of time. Amidst the list of extremely prestigious presidents who served our country, a name shines brightly, Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam popularly known as A P J Abdul Kalam. His was a…

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  • 25 July
    NewsCHAI: Love in a Cup!

    CHAI: Love in a Cup!

    Wikipedia says “Tea is an aromatic beverage commonly prepared by pouring hot or boiling water over cured leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia.” But, if someone ever asks me what is chai? Believe me, the above-given definition wouldn’t even be in my farthest thoughts! Haha! This definition has got nothing to do with my understanding of chai. Want to…

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  • 19 July
    News6 New Ways to Look at your Life

    6 New Ways to Look at your Life

    Can you see a different thing in the same thing? Yes! You can. Read on if you want to know how. Every time we come across the statement ‘Life is unfair’ it usually comes from a friend with a broken heart, a parent having troublesome teenage kids, lovers who are not loved back by their respective lovers, and the list…

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