10 Special Moments from TVF Pitchers Season Finale

I know. I know. Your head is saying Lol! Just 10? Cheers to the best Indian series ever!

Zero is the new Hero!


After the finale’s release, gone are the days when anyone would be offended on being called a zero. Post Pitchers the interpretation of zeroes has changed forever. The world is going to see it through Mandal’s eyes and will proudly say mai zero hu..peeche lag jaun to value 10 times kar deta hu!

Jeetu : HULK-II in making!


The journey of this character “From Dad to Dungeon Master” is the new evidence of the fact that we are our best saviors. At times, the worst situations bring out in us what we didn’t even know existed. Sometimes they make us a totally different person!

Maybe superheroes aren’t as fictional as we thought? *wink*



 While most of us think that our lives change with what happens over a coffee, a lot of lives change with what happens over the beer! So next time you get drunk make sure you are with the right company and you don’t have a pendrive around your neck! 😛



I totally agree with Bharadwaj’s statement on magic islands. We all have in our lives a lot of magic islands where we strive to reach. Whether in love or career, there is always an endless struggle going on, every minute of every day.

So if the island is really important to us, we ought to keep up the spirit and fight on!

Obvious-Answers are different from answers!


No matter how clearly you can see through things and how obvious the answer looks to be, sometimes the reality folds into such intricate levels of complexity, that it becomes difficult to acknowledge that a possibility of other answers exists. It’s not very often that we take time to look beyond obvious.

Ideology demands to be lived.


Whether its freewill, or submissiveness, radical, or emotional, we all have some ideologies we stick to. Some principles need to be incorporated into our lives.

The road to rectitude is not always smooth. It demands the most impossible choices to be made, and followed through with.

Legends don’t land from UFOs!


No matter how much we deny it, we live with the belief that legends were born differently. When we mention legends, we barely relate to them, sometimes we don’t even consider them one of us. The truth is, one of those might be living around us, fighting battles we can’t see. Living a life with wounds far more painful than we can imagine.

And for those who relate being legendary with good luck, there is a saying:

“One may become Legend by luck, but fighters become so by choice.”

There’s a price for everything.


While listing the things we want to achieve, we go on without realizing that some things cost a lot more than what we can afford. Life is give and take. We exchange things. Money for things, things for money. And the hardest being, loved ones for ambition.

Couldn’t help relating Naveen and Shreya in this scene with this scene from Ron Howard’s Cinderella Man.

“Nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price.” –Napoleon Hill

The most commendable achievements demand equally precious sacrifices.

When the tables turn!


Sometimes on our journey uphill, we meet people who we want to be like. While going through struggles we barely realize when the tables turn.

We realize so in a moment of epiphany when someone else tells us they want to be like us. So let’s keep the fighter mode ON, after all we never know when ours turn!

Not all goodbyes are sad! 

Even with all the adrenaline that the newly sanctioned seed fund brought, my heart was still sinking with the thought of Pitchers coming to an end. As my heart grew heavier, I swore to not close the window till I see the last name of the list of casting.

And Voila! Naveen with background music familiar to my ears! And before I could begin the guessing game TVF delivered the most awaited news of Permanent Roommates Season 2 coming soon! Yay!

Feel free to add in comments the moments I’ve missed from the episode.

Gurmeet Kaur

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