Arrowverse Show-Runner Confirms Major Arrow Season 7 Rumor

Arrowverse showrunner Marc Guggenheim has something really interesting to say at the moment. Arrow Season 6 ended with a bang and Oliver Queen landed in prison for his past life as a vigilante operating in Star City as the Green Arrow. Ricardo Diaz is on the run but he will be back soon. And while Colton Hayes is about to return back to the show as a series regular next season, all eyes are on Team Arrow at the moment which is now essentially leaderless without the Arrow. And as if this wasn’t enough trouble, the next piece of news about season 7 will literally tear you down. Presenting Arrowverse show-runner confirms MAJOR Arrow Season 7 rumor!!!!

Arrow Season 6 has left the door open for a number of new possibilities, chief amongst them being that Arrow ill no longer feature our beloved Stephen Amell as the fan favorite Oliver Queen as a lead character. The news is that Arrow will now include a lead that does not share the surname, Queen. Can it be? Can Arrow actually even function without the guy who is literally the face of not just the show but also the entire Arrowverse of The CW? If the rumors are to be trusted, this is actually going to be the case in Arrow Season 7.

 Marc Guggenheim is no longer the shot caller of Arrow or any of the other DC TV Shows in The CW. He has stepped down as the showrunner of the shared TV Superhero universe not long ago. But he is still involved with the Arrowverse in every major way possible. He currently serves as the consulting producer of the channel and will continue to do so for a long, long time. And he was the one who broke this piece of news to everyone.

Prepare for heartache fellas!!! This is going to be painful and jarring.

Guggenheim recently took to Twitter and shared a photo that might put the one true Queen into a lot of trouble. The post showed a Visitor’s Pass for the Slabside Maximum Security Prison, the supermax prison of the fictional Arrowverse universe that Oliver Queen is imprisoned in after being convicted of vigilantism. And the Visitor’s Pass is to visit Oliver Queen. That means Season 7 just might be putting Oliver Queen in Prions for a longer time than the fans anticipated, probably for the entire season. This does spell bad news for Oliver Queen’ vigilante career as the Green Arrow – Guardian Angel of Star City!!

Here is the post of Marc Guggenheim:

There are a few too many inconsistencies in the pass itself. The month of June is supposed to have 30 days, not 31. And the fact that the Prison Pass contains details in the European Format is also puzzling. The Slabside Prison is situated in Star City of DC Comics. Star City is to DC Comics what Seattle is essentially to real world USA. The pass should be in American Format but it is in European. Is Guggenheim using the tactic of misdirection to throw the fans off guard?? Hope so!!

 In the DC Comics Universe, The Slabside Prison or more infamously known as ‘The Slab’ is a prison specially designed to keep meta-human prisoners and prisoners that are extremely skilled like Oliver Queen from breaking out. Its warden is essentially the third iteration of Mister Miracle and is a master escape artist himself. So he is fully prepared to prevent any escape attempt as he himself knows each and every way there is to it. While Mister Miracle cannot appear in the DCTV Universe, some Easter Eggs here and there and a few comic book references won’t hurt now, would they?!?!?


 The title of Arrow Season 7 Episode 1 is titled ‘Inmate 4587’. Oliver Queen has now locked up with all the other prisoners that he himself put down as the Green Arrow. How will this season progress? Does the future hold a chance for Oliver Queen to step out of the prison and into the light? Or is the Green Arrow forever condemned to live the life of a caged up criminal behind bars? The next Season of Arrow holds the answer.

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